How can the weekend be over already?

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What a blur!

Friday night the Mrs and I loaded up the Buick and headed down to the Queen City for a little anniversary getaway.  A real hum-dinger.  We went to Walmart for a new microwave, and then grabbed some wings at Geaghan’s.  We were home by 10:00.  Apparently, we’re getting old.image

Saturday we were up before dawn.  The younger two and I went to Millinocket to get ready for the 5K Fun Run/Walk to sponsor Relay for Life.  Everything went pretty well – we had twice the participants this year as last.  Things were going along pretty swimmingly until Olivia got lost.  She had fallen behind her brother and his buddy in the run, and took a wrong turn.  After circling the block a few times, she asked a gentleman who was taking his trash out for directions to the start of the race.  By the sounds of it, he sent her towards the hospital – which was in the wrong direction.  She hit the main road and realized his mistake. She knows enough landmarks in Millinocket to make her way to where I was.   Oddly enough, I was just pulling out of the parking lot (and turning left) when she was arriving to my right.  My “search” didn’t last more than 15-20 minutes, but I was pretty nervous.  I think as a Dad, your mind runs to worst-case-scenario.  It was a happy ending.  Gabriel finished the race in first place for his division, and we raised a fair amount of $$ for Relay.  Meanwhile,  Jake was in Bangor getting a teeth cleaning with his grandparents, and Beth was at the church helping host baccalaureate.image

Later that afternoon, we got gussied up and headed to the school for graduation.  I’m chairman of the school committee, so I got to hand out diplomas to the grads.  What a fun experience!  They looked so young in their green and white gowns.  Jake was playing in the band, and he alone worked the snare drum for Pomp and Circumstance.  We were so proud!  Beth tried to sneak a pic, but he caught her and shook his head NO.  He never stopped playing.  He kept the beat throughout.  Fantastic progress for the Jake-Man!image

This morning I woke up 38 years old!  Happy Birthday to me, and thanks to those who wished me well on Facebook.  What a cool yearly treat!

Naturally, I had to work in a couple of nursing homes today, but I got home about 3:00.  I met some phenomenal people; I usually do.

I came home to a clean house, a special dinner waiting to be cooked (the tacos I requested), and a Boston Cream Pie/Cake.  I’m a lucky guy.

And then it hit me – BAM!  It’s Sunday night.  The work week starts in like 10 minutes, and I’m not ready.

Did anyone else’s weekend go by in the same kind of flash mine did?

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  1. I work Sun-Thurs and I swear, my ”weekend” goes so fast I might as well have worked! Are you still working 100mph? do you not take a weekend off? Remember, $$ isn’t everything! You’re edging up on 40 now, you’re going to start to slow down! (Ppl have been telling me this for years and at 42 1/2 I’m still running circles around ppl half my age). Enjoy, Ryan, you deserve it!
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