How I made $3.50 from appliance repair!

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My dryer broke. 

By broke, I mean when I turned it on, it blew hot air, but the drum didn’t spin.  So, you know, broken.

I did what any red blooded American male would do in such a time of crisis.  I called a repair man.  Anybody who knows me knows that I am not the Mr. Fixit type. 

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the appliance repair guy, he’s out of town for the birth of a grandchild.  I asked him who to call in his absence.  That guy’s on vacation, too.  Running low on options, I called my brother-in-law.  He’s pretty handy.  He said he’d be right up after dinner, but I never saw him.  Maybe he got a better offer? 

Repair guy said he’d be back in town by Tuesday.  I have a family of five.  We simply cannot go 5 days without doing laundry.  This of course hinges entirely on his being able to identify and correct the problem ON Tuesday.  If there’s any ordering of parts, we’re further screwed. 

My obvious next step was to comb through my vast library of home appliance maintenance and repair manuals for tips. 

Ok ok ok.  Who are we kidding?  I YouTube’d it. 

The guy on the video said all you needed to do was unplug the device, and then disassemble it with the 5/16″ nut driver from your nut driver set.  Right.  Like I have a nut driver set. 

My next stop was to the hardware store.  A nut driver set is $30!!  I’ve done pretty well the past 37 years WITHOUT a nut driver set, so I wasn’t sure I needed a full set now.  I found a tiny 5/16″ wrench for tight spaces for $3.50.  It would have to do .

I got the thing apart while watching the video.  Turns out my belt wasn’t even broken.  The tensioner had slipped its mount.  I think I should get points for knowing what the tensioner was.  I figured out where it was supposed to go, and with an extra pair of hands (thanks, Honey!), got everything where it was supposed to go, plugged it back in, and voila!  It works!

After vacuuming out all the dust and lint and stuff, I collected $7.00 in spare change; mostly quarters. 

Not only DIDN’T I need the services of a repair man, I saved $30 on a nut driver set.  I FOUND $7, which puts my account in the black by $3.50, as I only spent $3.50 on my wrench.  My only downfall was not having any extra parts.  My Dad always did when I was a kid – and he was a pro! 

Best perk – Beth says guys who can fix stuff are hot.  It’s a win-win! 


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