I found it upstairs in the closet!

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Today we went to South Twin to celebrate with Beth’s coworkers at the company picnic, held at Caitlin’s house. 

The weather started out kind of crappy, but the kids joined the ducks in the water in no time at all. 


It wasn’t long before the kids talked Caitlin into joining them on her paddleboards.  They all did so well!

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It also wasn’t long before Jake had had his fill of the crowd, and hid in the bathroom, his usual hideout.  He was in there for about a half hour, so we retreated and joined everyone on the beach.  The sun was coming out and things were finally heating up! 

After a bit, Jake came wandering out in an old batting helmet with Red Sox labeling the front.  Worst of all, Caitlin seen that helmet in years.  Jake’s explanation?  “I found it upstairs in the closet!”  Sheesh…


Yes, his swim shirt is on inside out and backwards – he seems to prefer it that way.

What a wonderful opportunity to discuss boundaries, limits, and socially acceptable levels of rummaging through other people’s things.  In his defense, Caitlin says there are no closets upstairs, and he was allowed up there.  He must have noticed something on the back of an old storage pile. 

That kid sometimes…

Watch how well the kids (and Caitlin) did on the paddleboards; even Jake! 

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