Inside Out – A great way to spend a rainy Sunday

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We went to see Inside Out today. It’s been touted as an excellent movie for kids with autism, as it brings abstract ideas like feelings to a visual medium.

I, for one, loved it! Has anyone else seen this? It was so worth he small fortune needed to take our little tribe of five to the movies.

I even admit to getting a little misty-eyed around the Bing Bong scene. I won’t spoil it for the uninitiated, but it was a lovely burst of emotions for me. I was warned that a movie ABOUT emotions may CAUSE emotions!

Jake is on the fence. His initial comments were, “that was so stupid,” but he says that all the time and for a variety of things.

He has asked why the girl was crying with be happy girl a few times, and his Lewis Black/Anger impression is fairly spot on.

I suppose I could ramble on and on, but I have to help Jake make another YouTube film about the family playing Wii Sports Resort.

If you want a reasonably lighthearted yet poignant kid’s movie about feelings, memories, and family – check this one out! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

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