Is BigCalfGuy Who I Am?

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I mean, yeah, the calves are huge.  I’m obviously that big calf guy.  By Crom, let’s pray they never shrink.    

What I mean is, is BigCalfGuy a good name for this blog?  I can’t for the life of me find the source of the quote, so I may as well take the credit:

The most courageous thing you’ll ever do is to be yourself; having figured out who that is.  

I know I’m different.  I embrace it.  I’m not your typical guy. I’m not your typical dad. I was raised by women.  Remember this post?  I have no idea how to change oil.  I’m much better at hospital corners and doing laundry than I am at anything involving tools.  I don’t hunt because I don’t want to kill things needlessly.  

I have a beautiful wife I’m madly in love with, and three amazing kids I learn from every day.  I’m much more likely to read a book than watch sports on TV.  I look for reasons to say YES when my kids ask for my time.  I believe in love.  I believe in the power of a gentle touch and a kind word.  I think taking an step back from a problem and looking at it through a pragmatic eye usually works.  I know that not being able to speak isn’t the same as having nothing to say.  I am proud to share my story, and those of my loved ones, in an effort to shine some light on the “real” autism.  I think saying the hard things are important.  After all my research and life experience, I only know for sure that I don’t know much.   

I’m in need of some serious branding.  I’d love a BigCalfGuy t-shirt.  Or would I?  Does make you think of me, my family, my philosophies, and my writing?  Yes? Great!  I’ll go forward with finding and buying a logo and get some shirts made up.  If not, I need to shop for a new domain name and switch over my posts.  I’m not thinking about not writing, just thinking about putting a different cover on the book.  The kids are afraid nobody will be able to find me, but honestly most of my traffic just clicks over from Facebook, so for those readers the name of the site doesn’t even matter. is for sale, but it’s wicked expensive ($900!).  Anything white, house, or whitehouse usually links back to the president’s home. changed to  Good names because either way, you can see what he was going for.  I want something like that. TheAutismDaddy is a thing (not available, but still cool), but that’s not all that defines us/me.  It’s certainly what seems to garner the most clicks, views and engagement though – when I talk about Jake.  

That being said, my most popular posts of all time are: The Underwear Rule (3 years ago, and 4,700+ views) and Skinny Jeans, Really? (4 years ago, and 2,100+ views).  Neither post having anything to do with autism or even the family.  Go figure.

Did you know that on Safari, if you are at and press the up arrow on the bottom of your screen, you can “save to home screen” and see this on your phone?

It’s kind of like having a little BCG app.  Kind of neat, I think.  

I’ve been bopping around looking for a good logo for a while.  I had a designer working on one for a few months, actually, but she sort of just disappeared.  I made a design I kind of like, but haven’t yet purchased: 

In my mind’s eye, it’s a steely blue.  It’s about $65 to own the design.  I could use it on the site, get business cards, and make merchandise.  Pretty cool.  

So I guess the real question is: Do I keep the name, and if so – do you like my logo idea?  If not, can you help me pick a more appropriate name that defines what I’m doing?

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    • Matt on September 21, 2017 at 6:23 pm
    • Reply

    What’s the post not of your blog and what’s your target audience? Who will type in the URL just because they heard someone say it?

    If I don’t know you or see your Facebook posts, I’d have thought it was a workout blog. has a much different connotation (and is for sale, not sure how much) but if some one said “autism blog: spectral analysis dot com” id remember it to check on kater

      • Matt on September 21, 2017 at 6:24 pm
      • Reply

      *point the blog

    1. I guess that’s the real question. What’s the point? I share a lot of autism-related anecdotes, but that’s not all I am. Family/lifestyle I guess would be my genre. Good questions.

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