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This has been one of those weeks.  At first, when school starts, we try to cling to routines and charts and strict organization to survive. 

We still are, but it’s weeks like this that really wear us down. 

On Monday, Gabe had his last Rec Soccer practice.  He had forgotten his duffel bag I keep packed with his soccer gear at home, so Beth had to get it to him by day’s end.  Somehow, he ended up on the field with only one of his shin guards.  So, he played without them.   When he got home, his Aunt Kelly presented him with the missing guard.  She had found it in the hallway at school. How it got there, we may never know.  When I asked Gabe to toss it in the bag with the rest of his gear, he replied, “Dad, I think I forgot my bag on the soccer field.  That’s a big bummer because it’s going to rain tomorrow and my sneakers are in there.  Also, I have gym at school tomorrow.” Fortunately I brought the dogs with me to find it, as it is a charcoal gray bag with black piping.  It’s nothing that exactly sticks out in the dark.  Jake had an IEP on Monday, and Beth had to go it alone.  I usually make them, but it was crazy at work.  Shortly after the IEP, Gabe and Liv had dance in Millinocket.  We weren’t home and settled until close to bedtime.  Beth was even later than that because after working her two jobs, she runs a drama practice at church twice per week.   

Tuesday was picture day.  We don’t even do “picture day” with Jake anymore, because of how horrible it always turns out.  This year we took a chance, largely due to how much growth he’s shown these past few months.  He claims to have done well.  Time will tell.    Beth was working late, so I had to pick up the kids from Meme’s.  This is the day that Gabe wasn’t feeling well and blew chunks in the back of my car.  It was nasty.  In addition to the emergency add-on laundry, Gabe supplanted my spot in bed next to bed, meaning I had to sleep in his bed.  Good times; stiff neck. 

Wednesday was back to the grind.  Gabe claimed to feel better, and off to school he went.  Of course, right after school on Wednesdays is tumbling in Millinocket again for Gabe and Liv.  He stayed home with Mom and I brought Liv home.  We made a quick dinner because on Wednesdays the kids have their church programs at 6:00.  I was off to Lincoln for an emergent board meeting at Region III Tech School.  We had some old business to wrap up.  We all got home around 7:30. 

Today is Thursday.  As I write, Liv is home from her voice lessons, and both the boys have been bathed.  Beth is again gone to drama practice, and should be home in about an hour and a half.   While I ran a tub for the boys, Liv cleared the table, wiped it down, and loaded the dishwasher.  Go, Liv! 

Most of the house’s laundry is done, the floors were swept yesterday, and Liv managed to get half the usual amount of dishes in the dishwasher.  I can’t run it through until she goes to bed with the “rest” of the dirty dishes, because she’s so proud of herself for doing a good job I couldn’t possibly suggest otherwise by rearranging things myself in her presence.  The kids are off tomorrow, but Beth and I are both working.  I feel like I could close my eyes right now and not open them again until Tuesday.  Beth’s working two jobs now also, so even when the kids are in bed, she spends the next hour or so working on her laptop.  She even found time this week to help a fellow autism parent through some issues over the phone for a couple hours …. Tuesday?  Who knows – it all blurs. 

As I look back over this rambling post, I have to blame most of it on the blood moon.  What else would make us so tired?  It’s just a normal week around here.  Why am I half-zombie if not a big, full, blood moon?

This ever happen to you?  Things are chugging along like they always do, and them WHAM!! – walking dead?

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