Jake gets a crappy job

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New school year.

New challenges and opportunities.

New chance to get way behind on household chores.

Enter – Chore Chart!

With 5 of us in the house, it should be too big of a deal to keep things running smoothly. Beth set up a weekly chart for each of us, and labeled 10 Popsicle sticks with the 10 things most needed around the house. We each got two to be “in charge of” this week. We’ll choose again Sunday.

Jake got picking up dog poop.

He was not happy! In fact, he was borderline angry. As this whole venture has led to a lot of new tasks for the kids, it’s also led to a fair amount of teaching. Gabe’s not very good at efficiently loading the dishwasher. Liv’s window wash jobs are quite streaky.

We teach, they practice, things improve.

Jake was especially grossed out. We donned some rubber gloves I had to buy Beth so she’d handle raw meat when prepping dinner. I even let him use a Hannaford bag as a second layer, so he could more easily pick up the waste and deposit it in the bag I held.

He got the first one, gagged, and tried to quit. We told him to stick with it, so he asked for “those things nurses wear.” Beth had some face masks to keep our closet-cleaning dust from kicking up her allergies.

The result is like a scene from Outbreak:

God help us all, we got it done!

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