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I blog “about” Jake; not necessarily “with” Jake, so naturally I had a lump in my throat when he busted me blogging about him this afternoon.  

I was on picmonkey.com adding text to the featured image from my last post, Should Jacob Play Basketball?  Jake came by and saw the image as I was editing it.  He reads too quickly for me to have clicked away.  He saw his name.  Naturally, he was interested and wanted to see more.  

I showed him the picture and moved back to my post editor.  He saw that I had written quite a bit, and he was amazed.  I didn’t think he’d ever read what I wrote.  I told him that I was writing about him playing basketball because I was scared that he wouldn’t have any fun and that he’d have a hard time.  He told me that he’d be fine.  I thought that was going to be the end of it, but 20 minutes later he says, “I’m just going to go to bigcalfguy.com and see what’s up.”  I had no idea he does that.  Hmmm.  

I don’t think he really read (or understood) the entirety of the text, but he somehow must have gotten to Facebook and saw some comments that were in support of his playing.  He told me so.  

I asked him if he’d speak to the issue on camera.  It’s always easier to see him think and speak than it is to write about it afterwards.  Here goes:

Since this is what he really wants to do, and since failure is a big part of learning, I’ve decided to take his advice and “suck it up”.  The response has been overwhelmingly in favor of letting him try out.  I’m still really freaked that he’s going to get his feelings trampled.  However, that is a part of life.  I regret more of the chances I didn’t take than the ones I did.  

Now comes the tedious part – the pre-teaching and rule formation.  He’s got to understand that he’s not going to make varsity and be the one to make the winning 3-pointer with 0.3 seconds left on the clock (as he, and probably every other boy ever, envisions happening).  At least this year.  

Thanks for helping me to realize that I can’t protect him from everything, and to remember that it’s up to me to find ways to make his dreams come true – not excuses as to why they shouldn’t.  

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