Jake Jake Baby?!

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Jake’s two current favorite songs are Billy Joel’s It’s Only Rock and Roll and Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.  Will Smith’s Miami is right up there, maybe even pulling in a second place finish, depending on the day. 

Here’s a covertly taken video of Jake trying to sing along with Vanilla Ice in the van the other day.  As such, there’s a fair amount of background noise, and (grrrr) it’s filmed in portrait.  Beth says she had to to keep it secret. 

Jake is apparently as tone deaf as I am.  He gets about 6% of the lyrics correct.  He also mixes in some insults for his brother in there from time to time, talking about Gabe Gabe Poopy and other things my twelve year old thinks is the pinnacle of humor.  

I’m hoping to pull of a better version of this, and perhaps Miami, in which he makes Beth sing the “girl” parts.  The problem, of course, is that he’ll never willingly do it on film.  

So, without further adieu, here’s Jake’s first “music video.”  

What do you think?


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  1. someday… He will discover your blog….. you’ll have some s’plaining to do! 🙂 – You should pull up the lyrics on youtube and let him sing to it… and learn the lyrics… such fun!
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    1. He saw me working on the post, with title in big letters. “Jake’s not a baby!” was his only reply before he wandered off to play Nintendo.

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