Jake played 2 minutes in the 3rd, Wolverines lose anyway.

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Wearing Wolverine green and white and in front of a home town crowd, Jake got his first taste of the hardwood tonight.

He warmed up with the boys, and got to play with just over 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

The crowd cheered when he subbed in, and though he didn’t actually get to touch the ball, it was the closest he’s been all season to single-handedly winning the game. That, of course, is his dream.

Maybe next time.

Once he got in, he wanted to stay in. He could be seen pestering the coach for more minutes throughout the remainder of the 4th. Alas, despite Jake’s best effort, the Wolverines still put up an L vs. the Dexter Tigers.

No time to mourn the loss, however, as Jake was needed behind his snare drum for the varsity game.

Writing from the bleachers, I don’t yet even have a comment from the man himself. Stay tuned.

Note: forgive any typos you find. Autocorrect hates me and I have big thumbs.

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