Jake Rocks Metallica!

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I’m not sure I can overstate how epic this is.

This is one of those things you can’t really plan, it just has to happen.

Jake’s love of dinosaurs brought him to the point where he spends much of his computer-time watching videos of poorly drawn dinosaurs roar, yell, and eat each other.  He loves it.  Loves it.  Whatever. Some people read Twilight in their free time – we don’t judge.

Rock and Roll Hero!

Rock and Roll Hero!

Here’s the math:  Take one part dinosaur video with Metallica’s Sad But True playing as background music:

Add Jake’s natural migration to finding videos of Metallica performing his new ‘favorite song’ live:

Throw in a kid who’s rock god at heart, complete with pillow-guitar, light show, and epic moves.

For the Jake re-mix, he smoothly blends in dinosaur roars and yells during the bridge.  He starts off in his bedroom with his headphones on, but it’s not long before he’s overcome with rock ‘n’ roll awesomeness, and doesn’t need them anymore.

You’ve got to turn it all the way up – the sound quality is pretty poor (sorry).

Sit back, get your rock fist in the air, and get ready for a head-bangin’ good time:



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