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There’s this cool app I downloaded for use with video editing called Magisto.  

How it works is simple – you select a number of video clips and photos, tell Magisto how long you want your movie to be, add a soundtrack/theme, and it does all the work for you, complete with transitions and zooming, slo-mo, what have you.  

I did this back at the Fourth of July with good results.  

I made one for last weekend, and showed it to Jake.  It’s about a minute long, and I thought it came out great.  Jake’s only reaction?  

“You can’t see me climb the rock wall.”

Well, ex-cuuuse me, Mr. Narcissism.  

I went back and chose not one, but several photos of him climbing the rock wall, hoping that he’d have more of a presence in the second film.  It worked. He enjoys the finished product, and had me upload both to YouTube for his viewing pleasure.  There are few things he likes watching on YouTube better than himself.  

Take 1:

Take 2: 

Which one do you like better?  And don’t just pick Jake’s because he’s handsome…

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