Sep 27 2013

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Jake’s Pumpkin (with video)

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The other day, the family all loaded into the Dodge Grocery-getter and headed on down to the North Chester Apple Orchard And Place To Buy Pumpkins.

It’s an annual tradition.  We told the kids that they could paint their pumpkins for now, because it’s not yet cold enough to support carved ones outside.  They’d be rotten within a week or so.  When we pulled into the circular drive, we noticed the proffered selection laid out before us.   The pumpkins were segregated according to size.  The smallish ones were $4, the middle sized ones were $5, and the monsters were in the back at $7.50.  Gabe and Liv ran past the small and medium sized ones without a glance and began picking over the monsters.  pumpkin patch orchard chester

Jake, on the other hand, kind of did a slow circle over all of them, before settling on what he considered to be the best of the bunch – a $4 pumpkin.  I’m not sure he ever considered finding the biggest one.  I’m not even sure I’d call the one he picked the best, but it was perfect to him.  It took him all of 90 seconds to decide.  pumpkin patch orchard pickingWe went out to dinner that night, so we didn’t get a chance to paint them then.  He had to wait a couple of days, but did so with no sense of frustration or undue strain.  When he got home from school Thursday, Beth told him to sketch out what he wanted his pumpkin to look like.  He came up with a pretty great drawing. pumpkin face sketch drawingNext, I present to you Jake’s video of him painting his pumpkin.  I think the video does a pretty great job at capturing Jake’s excitement over the whole affair.  To begin with, I cut him off telling Mr. Pumpkin that were going to paint on a face.  Notice that he is unswayed with my suggestion that he paint the face on the cleanest, most obvious place to paint.  He had his spot picked out.  He is very excited about his new dinosaur, Parasaurolophus.  We had given him the option of two dozen colors he might use.  He opted for blue for everything.  His call.  Most of what he says is unclear to me.  Notice how often he feeds us our lines.  He always knows exactly what he wants us to say.  Also, notice how well he matched his drawing.

Once it’s painted, he gets mildly obsessed with the carving, and even after we think we’ve redirected him, he keeps bringing it up.  All in all, very good job!

pumpkin 4

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