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Jake is nuts about girls.

Solidly off his rocker.

The thing is, he doesn’t know how to talk to them, nor does he seem to want to. I’m positive he wouldn’t know what to do with one of he caught one. He sees a pretty girl, then claims her for his own. He doesn’t even have to know their names.

We saw a cute girl about a week ago. Jake looked long and hard at her, then turned to me and said, “Eight. That’s eight wives for Jake.”

He’s got his own imaginary harem!

He was reasonably enamored with the flower girl at last weekend’s wedding. He kept an eye on the young lady, and even had Liv arrange it so he could take her picture. It’s borderline creepy, but I’m not sure how to stop it.

He moved on to another girl later in the evening, Bailee. Beth had said that he flower girl was much too young for him. Bailee’s two years younger, so it was less creepy. Also, Bailee’s parents are cool, and at least not outwardly weirded out by Jake’s instant infatuations. They get that he’s harmless.

He told Beth to go tell Bailee that she was to dance with him. This didn’t work on so many levels! Jake doesn’t dance, for one. For two, girls don’t respond to that sort of play.

He was just going to have to muster up the courage to get out on the dance floor the same time she was there. It took half the night, but we finally coaxed him into a circle that 5-6 others were dancing in which, of course, included Miss B.

He wore his headphones more because he was scared to death than the loud music.

He did it! He danced, and he smiled, and he held her hand – if only for a minute!!

The experience is most of what he’s talked about since Saturday.

Again, it’s certainly not perfection, but it’s progress. That’s our motto.

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