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Jake never ceases to amaze and astound me.

Sometimes I think I have a glimmer of understanding as to what’s going on in his head, and other times I realize I’m just an outsider looking in.

Our newest obsession is Olivia’s Kindle Fire.  He wants to play Bad Piggies.

Here’s the thing:  he already has Bad Piggies on his iPad (that the school issued him).  He has Bad Piggies on Beth’s iPad, and also on mine.  He could use Gabe’s Kindle Fire.  We’re not suffering a shortage of devices in our house.  Just ask my sister, she’ll tell you.  However, he just HAS to use Liv’s.

Here’s the set up for the anecdote:

He came into our bedroom the other morning, where Liv was already snuggling, and asked where her Kindle was.  I told her that it was charging on the counter in the kitchen.  He immediately took off running.  We shouted for him to stop.  Liv has just recently discovered Pinterest, and is spending quite a bit of time on the Kindle herself.

By the time I got downstairs, he was standing guard over the Kindle at parade rest, with his hands clasped behind his back.  It reminded me of the castle guards in Tangled, guarding the tiara.  When Liv approached him, he asked, “Can I help you?”  She asked him to move to the side, and after a little bit of chin scratching, he decided, “No … no, thank you!”

I told him that Liv’s Kindle was, in fact, hers, and she could do with it what she wanted.  He was not to touch it.  I then retreated to my room to grab my forgotten belt (to accessorize my outfit, not to punish).  When I returned, Jake was looking very guilty, sitting on the couch, hiding under a blanket.  I found the charger cord still swinging, empty of Kindle, in the kitchen.  “Jacob!” I yelled.  “I didn’t do it!” was his immediate response.

“Get out here!” was my next offering.  He came, hung head and dragging feet.  He returned the Kindle to the counter and slinked (slunk?) back into the living room, dejected.

I don’t know why he’s so obsessed.  Beth thinks that Liv’s Kindle represents the game that’s furthest along, but that seems flimsy, as he spends much of his time reliving earlier stages.  Either way, he’s plotting, scheming, and beginning to lie – I’m so excited!  More normal teenage behavior!

Have you, or any of your kids ever had such an obsession with a certain toy?  Let me know about it.


My three musketeers!



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