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Once upon a time, I filled a small jar with some river water, a few smooth stones, and some sand.  It’s been sitting on Olivia’s bureau for years.


On Saturday, we decided to make an ocean one, since we’d be there.   Thing is, we thought of this AT the ocean.  No forethought.  Thinking quickly, we marched the troops to Hannaford in search of a jar.  They didn’t have any empty jars, so we began the oddly daunting job of choosing the right jar.  It had to have a few of the right qualities: size, shape, and filled with something cheap.  I didn’t want to dump out $8 in fancy olives.

Once the kids realized they wanted a single jar to share, we settled on $1.89 worth of applesauce.  Not wanting it to go to waste, Jake took a nice slug of it in the unisex bathroom before we dumped it down the toilet.

I got this lousy pic:

The door to the bathroom got stuck open, and we didn’t realize until we heard the shopper behind us.   You should have seen the look on the guy in the frozen section’s face!  He had no idea what was going on.   There were four of us in the bathroom with Jake, who was doing applesauce shooters.   We walked out of Hannaford with our heads held high, carrying our empty applesauce jar.

We filled it up with water and sand from Sand Beach, and dropped in some of our favorite smelly junk we’d been carrying around since the Bar Island Path.

Once the sand settled, we realized we captured a few stowaways.  We’ve got one big (relatively speaking) alpha predator, and three little guys the kids have decided are krill.

Author’s note:  I just Googled krill, and I think they’re right.  When did kids learn what krill looks like?

Here’s the finished product (the krill are hiding):

I think we’ll put an identifying label on the cover; maybe make a few more from different water sources – could be the start of a neat collection!

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