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Not sure what a Sibshop is?  It’s a celebration of the kids who have siblings with special needs.  I’ve talked about it before here

Tonight was our last Sibshop before summer.  One last she-bang before we pack it all in for a couple of months. 

sibby 1

Our “puzzle poster”

This shop was a little different than shops we’ve run in the past.  It was a little lower-key.  We didn’t expect our own kids to be there.  They had thought they were going to be spending the night at Grammie’s.  It didn’t work out, and they had a late dance class, so they arrived nearly 40 minutes late.  We thought we’d have a little girl who recently hurt her arm, so we planned calmer, gentler games.  She didn’t show up, so after we did a couple of chill activities, we busted out our balloons and clothespins and ran until we were all red in the face. 

Prior to getting our “run” on, we made sock puppets.  They came out pretty cool.  We had a special guest tonight named Kenzie (who specifically said I could name her). She’s a teenage sib herself, and I think the younger kids were interested in her answers during the discussion part of the Sibshop.  My Olivia seemed especially intrigued with this older sib.  Liv doesn’t have many teenage role model-types to look up to when it comes to modeling sib behavior.  Thank you Kenzie for joining us tonight and sharing your love of Dave Grohl.

I think my favorite moment of the whole night came when we asked the question, “Name something that makes you happy about your sib.”  After a thoughtful pause, the answer was, “When they laugh.”  It warmed my heart. 

There is such love in the hearts of these kids.  Their sibs aren’t like everyone else’s, and there are very few people out there who understand – except at Sibshops.  Here everyone gets to feel like they’re not alone in their journey.  That’s the power and the importance of Sibshops. 

We finished with an ice cream social, then packed up the stuff and bid the kids farewell as their parents picked them up. 

Our next one will be in September, after school starts.  Look for notice on BigCalfGuy, as well as via social media and probably even some calling around. 


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    • Kenzie on June 9, 2014 at 3:31 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks for having me! I had so much fun 🙂

    1. It was our pleasure. You’re welcome back any time.

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