Licking Peanuts

Tell Your Friends

Licking peanuts, you ask?  Let me explain.

I can only imagine how different parenting would be in a world without the technology of today. For example, I’m not sure Beth or I have ever intoned, “just wait until your ___ gets home.” With texting, Face Time, cellular phones, and even Skype, the other parent is usually within reach 24/7.   I’m not just saying that this adds to discipline, but also to share the day-by-day goings on between Moms, Dads, and kids.

I often get a text from Liv requesting that I buy something from the store that she thinks we need. I can text a picture to her before I commit to the wrong ‘whatever.’ It’s nice.

Sometimes, however, things get a little weird. With managing three kids in myriad activities, and lets not forget our kid with unique needs, it can seem less like parenting and more like partners in running a small business.

So, not to add any additional flogging to this already dead horse, I present to you an actual text exchange between the Mrs. and I last weekend, when I was out of town.


You’ll notice that my name for Beth is sexy. Not only is it true, I like getting calls from “Sexy.” Also, Jake used to say Pee-Nuss. His language is still fledgling, and he certainly knows the right term, but I’m not surprised that it’s morphed to peanut. Add in some auto-correct between kick and lick (we’re lovers, not fighters), and you’ve got the ingredients for a funny little exchange.

We can’t be the only ones who talk like this. If you have an example just like this, e-mail me a screen grab of it to and I’ll gladly share it with the world.

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