Link Confirmed Between Autism and Pesticides. You Don’t Say.

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When I saw this link on MSN, my first thought was – who’s claiming what now? 

I clicked on it, and wasn’t disappointed.  In the 27 second clip, which was enough for a headling on MSN, the reporter reveals that a study “confined to” a particular state, showed a 60% increase in the risk of having a child with Autism and “other developmental delays” for those women who were pregnant near agricultural chemicals.  Does it get any more vague than this?  She went on to further state that though more research is needed, the message is clear that being pregnant around harsh, poisonous chemicals could be bad for your baby. 

This is news?

Doesn’t too much caffeine increase the risk of “developmental delays” in children?  Too much alcohol?  Smoking?  Second hand smoke? 

What’s next?  Texting while driving may increase your risk of having an accident?  It reminds me of the Geico commercial, where the lady says, “Everybody already knows that.” 

Have we gone too far?  Or have we started scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to “news” in efforts to fill a 24-hour news cycle? 

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This seems to be a big one for the “no kidding?!” file.

Sorry for the rant.  Thanks for listening.

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