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The Liv & Cilla Web Show!

Liv and Cilla started on Tumblr. I helped them create a Tumblr account,, and it was going to be their fashion blog, but sadly, neither of them ever wrote a post beyond their “about us” post.  (Author’s note: until today, when I goaded them into it)

So, having confiscated my old camcorder and tripod, they began creating content for an iCarly-esque web show. It’s a bit like the old Carol Burnett show, in that its sketch comedy with a few guest stars now and again.

Being the delinquent Dad I am, I was neglectful in my duties to actually do something with their footage. They have dozens, and I mean dozens, of little clips that highlight their goofy personalities. I’ve just now begun to upload them onto their new channel, Liv & Cilla.

Not all of their funniest stuff has made the cut for public offering, but there are some gems here. My personal favorite is this one episode featuring “Muscle Time With Gabe.” I’ve seen it about 12 times, and I still can’t stop myself from laughing out loud.

Look for new episodes in reverse chronological order for now. Once I get caught up, I’ll post the new episodes as they are created. I started perusing through file numbers in the 600s, and I’m finally into the low 500s, so it’ll be a while before I’ve culled the best ones from the group.

So, I promised Liv and Cilla that I’d use my platform (BigCalfGuy) to plug their new venture. Check it out – especially if you like standard-def video filmed largely in my basement, and lots of screaming and giggling.

Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel. It’ll be the easiest way to know when new videos are posted.

While you’re there, subscribe to mine as well (shameless plug).

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