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Jake is a fan of slapstick.  He loves the unexpected.  If you ask him which direction is up, he’ll point down.  He finds that kind of thing to be the pinnacle of comedy.

He also fancies himself to be quite the videographer.  He loves to film himself playing video games in the basement and post them to his YouTube channel.  In fact, his channel has become his obsession.  He has 193 subscribers, and has posted well over 1000 videos since his first one in August of 2015.  Click the pic below to be taken to his channel.  He’d love new subscribers!

I present to you Mary’s Birthday Logo Bloopers #4.  The premise is a canned logo template that came with an intro app he purchased for his iPad.  The camera swoops in past a bunch of “Mary’s” presents and the flag pops up and tells you that it’s Mary’s Birthday.  Mary is the place-filler.  You can add anything you want.

Jake’s joke is that instead of saying Mary’s Birthday, he inserts other logos and intros.  He finds these all over the place, but mostly he holds his iPad and films other YouTube videos he plays on a TV.  Get it?

My favorite part of this video is the voice overs.  I had showed him how to do this (in a very basic sense) a couple of weeks earlier.  How he found the pics of all these characters, voiced over them with dialogue he made up himself, and gave them all DIFFERENT voices is beyond me.  This is a kid who has only had his own language for a year or so.

So the subject matter is stupid.  The video itself is boring enough that you’ll never make it to the end.  What the video represents in terms of Jake’s independent thought, creativity, and growing mastery of iMovie and video editing, is worth sharing.

p.s.  Mothra is my favorite.


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