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What an outpouring of stories, opinions, and advice!  Thanks to you all.  

It turns it I was the only one who’s never heard of molluscum contagiosum.  I got emails, comments, private Facebook messages, and even a tweet – all from people who have been touched by this stuff.  Pun semi-intended.  

MolluscumRx even found me on Twitter, asking me to check out their product.  

It’s $60 for a one ounce bottle.  I think I’m  going to try the “surgical” option tomorrow first.  

So, the 1000mg of Keflex gave Jake some diarrhea, so I had to try some Immodium.  It was uncoated and made him gag, which caused him to vomit.  Yay!  I found smaller, gel cap Immodium.  The problem with this is that it’s blue.  He’s got a long-standing, irrational fear that blue meds make him puke.  

We got the doctor’s office to reduce his dosage from two giant pills twice a day, to a single pill three times a day.  He also takes them with Mt. Dew (#parentingfail), and t seems to be working.  

He’s a little anxious about tomorrow’s procedure, but I’m kind of excited, TBH.  

Liv and Jake are at night swim at the pool, and Gabe is at summer camp.  I’m blogging from the sidelines, half way between!  You’ve gotta love technology.  

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog! Let us know if the “surgical” option does not work for you. We can offer you our bottle at a discounted rate if you order over the phone!

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