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This has been the most interesting 9 days I’ve spent in a while.  This is with three kids, being a PT working two jobs, a school board member, and parent to a kid with autism – still the most interesting 9 days.

I’m growing a moustache for Movember.  It’s a fundraiser.  Click here to donate to my (and all men’s) cause.

When I started out I thought, this could be fun.  A Movember Mo is supposed to spark conversation with people about men’s health issues and fire them up enough to donate to research to end such things as colon cancer, prostate cancer, and men’s mental health concerns.

There are several flaws to this plan.  First, nobody gets to look like this in under a month:

tom selleck

Even the Freddie Mercury kicks some butt:

freddy-mercuryAt this point, I’d even settle for the Dali:


Instead, I’m looking more like Matt Dillon than anything, which is to say, ‘extra creepy.’

matt dillon

On the surface, growing a charity ‘stache is kind of fun.  Problem is, strangers don’t know you’re growing a charity ‘stache, they just think you’re some creepy guy with poor personal style.  Most people’s manners are too ingrained for it to ever “spark up a conversation.”  I find myself saying, “thanks for not mentioning the mess that is my face.  I appreciate your proper upbringing.  Did I mention it’s for charity?”

My friends, the ones who will tell you anything because they love you, have all sided on the negative.  I’ve heard:

“You look creepy”

“You look like some sort of sexual predator”


“Yo quiero, Taco Bell”

“What’s the matter with your face?”

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t look at you anymore”

Even my loving wife, my soul mate and life partner of 20 years started sobbing at dinner the other night.  When asked what’s wrong, she said, “I’ve just realized that no matter what, it’ll never be as good as Tom Selleck.”  Ouch.

I decided that I’d flip things around.  If I raise my goal of $500 early, I’ll shave it off.  In true MOM fashion, my mother offered to double her initial donation of $25 if I’d instead grow a beard and keep it through New Year’s.  Right.  I’ll be lucky to have any friends left on December 1st at the rate I’m going.

Anyway, I’ve committed myself, and will stick it out.  Not that I’m complaining (or am I?).  Movember is a worthy cause.  Even Ashton Kutcher’s trying his best.

I’ll leave you with a parting shot, and again ask that you please donate.  Click here to find BigCalfGuy’s team page.

mo 9

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