My Brother, My Friend {guest post by Olivia}

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My name is Olivia Whitehouse, Big Calf Guy’s daughter.  I usually don’t write on the internet but I thought, “why not?”

To be honest, I am overprotective when it comes to my brother Jake.  I heard what was going on about the talk of how Jake has really no friends.  If I thought Jake would really understand me, I would tell him that I will always be his life long friend even though I’m his sister. Whenever he looks to his side he’ll see me standing right beside him.

I am actually super exited because tomorrow Jake might have a friend while I’m at my dance recital.  My mom is helping him invite someone over to play.  Thank you all to the people that support him and look out for him.  Jacob is going to high school next year, but I’ll still be in middle school.  We’ve had problems before that I’ve had to deal with to protect him.  This means that when he’s gone next year, I won’t be there.  Sometimes he pushes me away, and calls me names, but people say that’s just his way of saying that he’s ready to go.  I know I get pushy when someone ticks me off by saying something bad about him.  I just love him too much to see him hurt by actions like that.

I had to post this because sometimes I think it’s easier to pour my heart out on paper than say it out loud.

Thank you for reading this and also thank you to everyone that is there for Jake, I really appreciate it.



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    • Anonymous on September 22, 2017 at 9:32 pm
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    This is Kansas Mitchell I like how Oliva and Gabe protect Jake all the timee!!!!!

    1. Thanks Kansas! Me too!

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