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Everyone wants a viral video. 

OK, maybe not EVERYONE, but I wouldn’t mind one.  How cool would that be? 

Anyway, I’ve got 69 videos on, and I’ve had a total of 6,682 views, as of this writing. 

Here are my TOP FIVE videos, in order of popularity:

5. With 420 views (as of this writing), The Men of MRH perform a Village People Medley at the MRH Variety Show:

I was approached by my friend Hal, and asked if I wanted to help out in a little stunt he had planned for the MRH Variety Show (Millinocket Regional Hospital).  Of course, I agreed.  However, I agreed before I found out what he had planned.  It’s pretty embarrassing, but it was a lot of fun.  I’m the cop (in case the huge calves don’t give it away). 

4. Jake Cutting Dad’s Hair (593 views)

The idea for this video came from our problem solving ideas to help Jake get over his fear of getting his hair cut.  If we let him do MY hair, maybe he wouldn’t be so nervous when we do HIS hair.  It worked, for the most part. My favorite part of this video is listening to him mimic all the commands and encouragements we give him when it’s his turn.  ORIGINAL POST HERE

3. BigCalfGuy’s Online Haircut (621 views)

This was a pretty cool venture I did with a guy named Derris Felder.  He’s a class act, teenage entrepreneur who wanted to teach me how to give myself a high and tight haircut.  Sadly, he lives about 1200 miles away.  We used Face Time to overcome this petty obstacle.  ORIGINAL POST HERE

2.  Daily Recap With Jake, an 11-Year Old Boy With Autism (785 views)

The idea behind this video was to give people an idea as to how limited Jake’s conversational skills are, and to further explain what I mean when I say he’s “verbalish.”  Plus, he’s cute and I love to show him off.  ORIGINAL POST HERE

1.  Just Dance Kids 2014 For Wii U (791 views)

I can only take some of the credit for this one.  I made this specific video as a favor for a friend who used it in a post of hers.  Our “compensation”?  We got to keep the game.  The kids were happy to comply.  Clearly, her blog is more popular than mine.  ORIGINAL POST HERE

No clear pattern, as far as I can tell; well, maybe barbering.  Who knows.  Sometimes it’s nice to go back and reflect on the past, though.  Do you have a favorite? 

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    • Carol Page on October 1, 2014 at 8:17 am
    • Reply

    Make it 421!!! These videos are amazing and so much fun to watch!!! Tell Jake that I LOVE his Superman costume!!!

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