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Lots of little things today, nothing that really stands on its own.

After watching a video on YouTube regarding filmmaking and the art of physical comedy and setting up the “gag,” I’ve become reasonably fascinated with the works of Buster Keaton.  I highly recommend The General (1926).  I watched it on Amazon Instant Video.  The man is a genius, and he must have been exhausted at the end of each day’s filming.  Really good stuff!

I finished 5th Wave, and liked it enough to buy the second in the series – The Infinite Sea.  Like my friend Valerie said, it’s not a life-changing novel, but a fun bit of summer fiction.

We’re burying the ashes of my aunt Donna this Saturday.  We’re bringing the kids to the grave.  It’ll be a service with full Naval honors, and I’m curious to see how Jake does.  He’s really into death lately, and hopefully this will help his understanding.  We’ll need a bit of pre-teaching, as usual, but he should do okay.

I’m frequently reminded and amazed at how quickly asparagus turns your pee smelly!

Jake has always had a hard time expressing his caring and warm feelings for anyone verbally.  In fact, I’ve never heard him tell me he loves me.  Not even once.  He may have told Beth, but it’s usually answering in the affirmative when directly asked – never an “I love you.”  This happened yesterday: imageKind of a flash in the pan, but strong emotion nonetheless.  I hope to one day understand this.

We’ve finished watching every episode of Parenthood on Netflix.  What a show!  Not just from the standpoint of parents with a child with autism, but really from any perspective.  Just wonderful.  So now we’re looking for something else that’s funny and not overly vulgar – you know, something we can watch as a family if need be.  She’s re-watching How I Met Your Mother, but that crosses the line more often than not.  Any suggestions?  I’d hoped for Modern Family, but can’t get it without paying for it on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Instant – which is all we have.

Look for an enthusiastic post late Saturday or Sunday.  We’re throwing our annual Triple Birthday Party this Saturday for Olivia (June 16), Jake (June 27), and me (June 12)!  We were going to do individual parties this year, but there’s still the fear that Jake won’t have anyone show up.  What “friends” he does have are acquaintances he’s created with his siblings’ friends.

We’re still in need of a BFF.  See this post: ISO: BFF

In other news, the summer’s off to a great start!  The kids have attended and held sleepovers, there’s a swarm of kids that seems to be in constant motion between our house and a dozen others in town.  There always seems to be somebody shooting around in the driveway, or kids riding by on bikes.  Reminds me of 80s summers.  Beth texted yesterday and said she felt as though she’d just fed lunch to half the town!

Like I said, nothing major.  No real news to report.  How’s everybody’s summer going so far?  Are the kids bored?  Are you pulling your hair out yet?  To my fellow parents of kids with needs – do you ever get an “I love you?”  I’d love one.  And don’t forget to recommend a family friendly-ish TV show.  We’re looking.


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  1. Parenthood will go down as one of Julia’s and I’s fave shows ever. From every single stand point, we loved it. And moaned about it being gone for months after.
    Friday Night Lights? (same creator as Parenthood and one of my FAVE, FAVE shows EVER. don’t focus on the football, that’s just 10% of the show, really)
    Brother’s and Sisters – I used to watch this, until we didnt have cable anymore and will someday finish the series
    House – Because its House!
    Gilmore Girls – Pretty decent show, never watched it religiously, but did enjoy it
    Switched at Birth – Seen several episodes and liked it
    Raising Hope was hilarious.
    You must watch Grace and Frankie on netflix, I giggled so hard I woke Julia while watching in bed.
    The Fosters – Only seen 1 season, but really enjoyed it
    Life Unexpected – Was unexpectedly good
    Veronica Mars – Its VERONICA MARS!!
    Ugly Betty – Entertaining show
    Everwood – much in the vein of Gilmore Girls
    Hart of Dixie = Quirky yet fun
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