Odds and Ends; plus … It’s my birthday!

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Jake won’t stop talking about the upcoming Autism Society of Maine’s Family Retreat Weekend, scheduled this year at St. Joseph’s University in Standish. We go every year, and we stay in college dorms, attend seminars, and eat in the cafeteria. The kids get to have some fun in the Olympic size pool, and play with other kids their own ages. It’s a highlight of our summer, but Jake’s been counting down the days until we “go to college.” I never realized how much it means to him.  It’s not until July 18th, but he’s been gabbing about it for a week straight!

Liv and Gabe have their dance recital tomorrow. So excited! They’ve practiced very hard all year long, and are looking forward to showing off their talents with Jazz, Ballet, and Tumbling/Gymnastics. It should be fun. They’ve both mastered the running front handspring. It’s kind of a show stopper. Gabe had it just about figured out last year. Here’s a clip (in super slo-mo).

I turned 36 years old today. Thirty six isn’t so bad, and I got to have two cakes: one at work, and one at home. The kids bought me my fishing license. I can’t wait to put it to use! Neither can they. We love fishing for perch in the evenings – it’s about the only time we have free, usually.



Jake keeps pestering me for my Apple Password. He’s desperate to download apps on his own. He’s convinced he needs each new incarnation of Train Simulator; Trainz Simulator, Train Simulator 2, Train Simulator 2014, Trains Trains Trains. Dear God, help us all! I told him, quickly, and when I knew he wasn’t paying much attention, it’s JakeDaddyRyanWhitehouse. You should have seen the look on his face! He knew that he just missed the most important piece of information ever offered. I almost felt bad messing with him. I looked him square in the eye, and told him that it was Nebuchadnezzar. Even more fun than the look on his face was his attempt at pronouncing, let alone spelling, Nebuchadnezzar.

Liv’s softball tournament was scheduled for today, but it got postponed until next Tuesday. Due to scheduling conflicts, I’m going to have to miss half of it. I’m more upset than she is, but it’s important that she see adults follow through with their commitments, even if it sucks. Parenting can be hard sometimes. I even bought a cowbell, for maximum embarrassment. Hopefully she does something cowbell-worthy in the first hour. Cross your fingers for me. It brings up a good question: do you have a problem with embarrassing your kids in public?

Jake and Gabe have been at each other’s throats since school let out. Gabe is full of nervous energy, probably with the upcoming recital, and Jake’s struggling with the lack of routine. Look for more on Why Jake Hates Summer in an upcoming post. Anybody else’s kid struggle with summer vacation?

In mowing my yard, I realize that I’m in the market for a weed whacker. I had an electric, but I’d have been better off with a pair of scissors and a lot more patience than I have. I found a two-stroke Cub Cadet at the local Tractor Supply Store. I don’t need anything heavy duty, but I don’t know the first thing about motors and stuff. Is this sufficient? Does anyone know?

I suppose that’s it for now. I’m always on the lookout for things to write about – fear not – BigCalfGuy’s here for you.

As always, leave a question or post request in the comment section below. I’m happy to address any concern you may have. If you’ve never posted before, the comment will be held in moderation until I look it over. Nothing personal, it’s a feature of the website structure. Keeps kiddos from reading cuss words.


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