Oh Crap. Plan B!

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Looks like I spoke too soon.

I thought things had all been worked out that Jake would spend the night and following day with Meme while the rest of us climbed the mountain.  This wasn’t true.  Meme isn’t going to be around on Saturday.

Find someone else! I can hear you saying.  Aha!  Were it only that easy.  He has a hard time sleeping away from home, and it’s a headache for all involved trying to get him to do so – doubly so if he’s doing it alone (without us and the kids).  So here we are.

After some discussion, soul searching, and general stiffening of our upper lips, we’ve decided to give climbing the mountain with Jake a go.  Hey, it’ll either work or it won’t.  Either way I’ve got blog material.

He was confused when we asked him if he still wanted to go.  You told me I was staying at Meme’s?!  We told him we’d talked about it, and had come to the realization that he is a teenager, that his muscles are all grown up, and that he can do it.  He of course began reciting this mantra ad nauseam (which is how he processes anything).

So there you have it.  Planning now includes a few days preparation to make sure Jake’s as mentally ready for this as he is physically.  I’m already bringing my giant bag, with which to carry all the excess baggage needed to make sure the kids have a positive experience.  It’s supposed to be 70-75 degrees on Saturday, but this translates to 50-55 degrees on the top – not even accounting for wind!  This translates into carrying layers of clothing for all contingencies for the five of us.  Hello, my name is BigCalfGuy and I’m a Sherpa.

What does planning look like for Jake?  It’s going to include videos and pictures of the trails and peaks, constant reassurance and mental conditioning.  Maybe a little brainwashing – but isn’t that the cornerstone of all good parenting?  I think we’ll throw in a walk around town every day until then, just 3-4 miles, if only to add a little conditioning between now and then.  Also, we’ll take him shopping for snacks he loves and our traditional Fat Ladies – an ice cold drink waiting for us in the car for when we get back.  It’s not over until…. that sort of thing.

Stay tuned.  This could get interesting.

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    • Jan on June 15, 2016 at 8:55 am
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    He can do this. You know it. Keep challenging him, that’s a good thing, you know it!

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