“On Blazing Wings” (#Review and #Giveaway!)

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L. Ron Hubbard, New York Times bestselling author, does it again in this action-packed adventure!

And I’m giving away two more books!

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“On Blazing Wings” tells the story of two men – David Duane, ace fighter pilot gun-for-hire, and David Duane, sensitive poet and artist.  Fighting with the Democratic People’s Government of Finland, simply because he was there when the fighting started, Duane is shot down early in the book.  He awakens in Puhjola, a sort of mythic Valhalla where soldiers from all sides end up after death.  David Duane is brought before the leader of Puhjola, but is told he cannot stay.  He is a man torn.  Puhjola is only for those who have given themselves fully to their lives.  He’s held back.  He serves too many masters.  His fate is laid out before him, and he learns that he will never gain full admittance to Puhjola.  He has been there many times before, in many lives, but has always failed to gain entry.  His future is foretold, but Duane vows to change his ways and set things straight.  The catch is that when he awakens back in the real world, he won’t remember the ultimatum.  Can he remember?  Will he fall into the trappings of his old ways?  Will he fall for the Russian woman/officer and betray his people?  I’m not telling.

I’m specifically reviewing the audio version of the book.  A multicast performance, it features the sounds of plane engines, guns blazing, explosions, yells, and the excitement of a real war.  The vocal talent for the individual characters is excellent!  I especially love the bravado of the narrator.  It’s like having a book read to you by the movie trailer guy.

L. Ron Hubbard does it again with this offering from his Stories from the Golden Age series.  Presented (audio version) in two CDs, it’s accompanied by a well-illustrated booklet that chronicles Hubbard’s contributions to American Pulp Fiction.  goldenage_interviews

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Once again I’ve been authorized to give away a copy of the book to each of two lucky winners!

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Note:  This is a compensated post.  I have been compensated for my time and efforts with a copy of the book.  The opinions expressed on bigcalfguy.com are always 100% mine.


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