Oct 16 2014

Julia Child We Are Not

Hey Liv, what temp do I set the oven to for tater tots? I don’t know. I’m 10

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Oct 15 2014

What do you think? Foxes or Queen?

So I was cruising the interwebs the other day, and I stumbled across a remake of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, which was featured on Dr. Who.  Normally, I’m down with this stuff, but I don’t know how this makes me feel.  What do you think? Original: Foxes version:

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Oct 14 2014

A Walk With Gabe

Gabe and I went for a walk the other night after dinner, and it was dark out. It was just the two of us, and of course the ever-present dogs. We found the Big Dipper, and he was so excited because he said he’d never seen it so clearly before. When I showed him the …

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Oct 12 2014

Busting Sweet Moves At Sweet Frogs

On Friday night, Mom and I went to watch Gone Girl in the theater.  Beth had some errands to run before Bobbi’s baby shower, so she took the kids.  They finished before our movie let out, so they filled their last 45 minutes at Sweet Frog.  Jake was in a particularly good mood.  After Beth …

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Oct 11 2014

Caching Superstars!

We had some crazy fun today!  The girls were headed to Nola’s “Welcome To The Planet” party, so we boys were left to go find our own fun.  I asked Gabe if he wanted to go hunting for partridge or caching, and he never hesitated.  “Caching!”  I had an errand to run in Brewer anyway, …

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Oct 09 2014

Is It Friday Yet?

This has been one of those weeks.  At first, when school starts, we try to cling to routines and charts and strict organization to survive.  We still are, but it’s weeks like this that really wear us down.  On Monday, Gabe had his last Rec Soccer practice.  He had forgotten his duffel bag I keep …

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Oct 09 2014

The Underwear Rule

I’ve been waiting for this: A simple, straightforward way to help kids stay safe from sexual abuse. One of the big fears of any parent is that your child will be sexually abused. It’s one of those things that you can’t get back. It causes irrevocable damage and can seriously impact future, otherwise healthy relationships.  …

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Wanna Feel Elitist and Small? Watch This

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Oct 07 2014

Gabe Blows Chunks: A Quiz

Think you know me?  You think you understand the nuthouse that is my life? Take the quiz and find out.  You can’t make this stuff up!

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Oct 06 2014

On The Road To Normalcy

Normal.  I hate the word, really.  I never gave it much thought until I had a son who was decidedly “abnormal.”  What is normal, anyway? Isn’t it our differences that make the world so much fun?  Who wants to be “normal?”  I don’t know what else to call it.  Invisible, maybe.  Most people want to …

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Oct 04 2014

A New Family Hobby: Geocaching

I honestly don’t know what kept us from discovering this a long time ago.  It’s not like plenty of people haven’t said, “You guys would really get a kick out of this!”  What am I talking about? Geocaching. For the uninformed, geocaching is the act of searching out little boxes or packages hidden by others, …

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Oct 04 2014

Steak, Stir fry, Soups, and Pie

Olivia approached me the other day and said, “Dad, will you teach me how to cook more stuff?” We’d done some simple work with scrambled eggs and things in the past.  I really enjoy teaching my kids how to cook.  It’s a great life skill, and isn’t my job as a parent to teach my …

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