A little bonding time

So, #2 and #3 were at their dance recital, and Beth was babysitting Kole for Ashley and Eric. That left Jake and I to ourselves. A rare treat! Jake had spent the day cleaning the house, lining up the shoes on the porch, making beds, and putting away clean laundry. He kept telling Beth that …

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So yeah, that happened!

A most excellent thing happened yesterday (and not just the dance recital, more on that later). I received a tweet from the Autism Society of America saying that they like my blog, and we’re going to share it with their followers! A little back story: I work 7 days/week most weeks and started documenting our …

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Odds and Ends; plus … It’s my birthday!

Jake won’t stop talking about the upcoming Autism Society of Maine’s Family Retreat Weekend, scheduled this year at St. Joseph’s University in Standish. We go every year, and we stay in college dorms, attend seminars, and eat in the cafeteria. The kids get to have some fun in the Olympic size pool, and play with …

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Softball – an experiment in mindset

I’d like to share a story of a lesson I learned this spring. I’m reluctant to put it to print because the whole idea of it embarrasses my daughter. You see, this spring she learned to play softball. Olivia’s the kind of girl who, not unlike her father, likes to be good at stuff when …

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Jake Vs. The Owl

Beth and I have always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. If I’m honest, I’ll admit that there’s a better than average chance that Jake will be home with us after the other two head off to college. The only hitch in our plan is that Jake’s going to have to LOVE hiking by the …

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{Guest author, Gabriel} Playland Adventures

I went to play land adventures for a school field trip.  The Opal Myrick 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders all got to go! It was awesome!!!! I went on the mechanical bull!  It was really, really hard, but i made it to level 11!  Also, there was a wrecking ball.  You have to knock …

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#YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf …

Hey, I found this on Twitter last night.  I couldn’t resist!  Beth and I sat around laughing in that way you do when you realize that you aren’t alone.  The things that happen to us apparently happen to others, too.  If you haven’t seen the entire feed, do yourself a favor and take a gander.  …

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I have gorgeous children.

That is all.  No real story here.  Just wanted to brag.

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Guilt and Autism

Guilt:  Self-reproach; Self-condemnation; shame.  A feeling of having done wrong or failed in an obligation. Interesting definitions. Not mentioned: guilt, whether real or imagined, is a very powerful force. I think guilt plays heavily into parenting a special needs child. Parents of kids with autism are not immune to this concept. The idea of “refrigerator …

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Last Sibshop until Fall

Not sure what a Sibshop is?  It’s a celebration of the kids who have siblings with special needs.  I’ve talked about it before here.  Tonight was our last Sibshop before summer.  One last she-bang before we pack it all in for a couple of months.  This shop was a little different than shops we’ve run …

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Autism, Wandering, and Death: Protecting those you love

Wandering. Elopement. Fleeing. Bolting. Running off. Whatever you call it, it can spell disaster for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Research shows that 49% of people with ASD will wander. Of those who perish as a result of their wandering, 90% will have drowned. For reasons not fully understood, people with ASD have a …

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Licking Peanuts

Licking peanuts, you ask?  Let me explain. I can only imagine how different parenting would be in a world without the technology of today. For example, I’m not sure Beth or I have ever intoned, “just wait until your ___ gets home.” With texting, Face Time, cellular phones, and even Skype, the other parent is …

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