Kobe Steakhouse – Not for Everyone

Ever been to the circus? The smell of roasted peanuts, the roar of the crowd, the flashing lights, the wild costumes, that weird aroma of people and elephant dung! Awesome … for most.

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Saving the Princess

There aren’t many things Jake loves more than Super Mario. Mario is a hero. Mario can jump and throw fireballs. Mario lives in a world where the path is known and the enemies always behave as they should.

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Movies Movies Movies

Powerful like a scent, sometimes a film can bring you back to where you were when you first saw it, who you were with, what was going on in your life – movie magic!

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Raised Improperly … by Women!

University of New England, Physical Therapy Class of 2001

Some lucky fellas out there get to claim that they were raised by wolves; well not this guy. I was raised by women, most of them nurses.

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Top Ten Reasons I Just Realized I’m Old

Now, I work with the elderly on a daily basis, and I realize that an age is really just a number.  I’ve met 90 year-olds who are quite young, and 40 year-olds who are rather old.  How old am I, you ask?  I’m 35 years old.  Twice as old as I was when I graduated …

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Pop Lit Junk Food

Man, do I love to read. Don’t get me wrong, I love music too, but I can’t stand not having a book to read … or three!

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Olivia Interview

Olivia Ann Whitehouse She’s my princess.  Daddy’s little girl.  She is the girliest of girls, but at the same time, she’s a pretty rockin’ tomboy.  Quick story:  we were fishing while on a camping trip a few years back.  Liv and I are at the picnic table gutting and cleaning a pile of white perch …

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Interview with Gabriel

Gabriel Joseph Whitehouse He’s a pretty cool kid.  He is sharp as a tack, and he’s got pretty incredible control over his body, even though he’s quick to tell you he’s clumsy.  He’s that kid who’s usually super comfortable in his own skin.  He is almost immediately really good at everything he tries.  Eighth-grade me …

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Date Night

Do you know how infrequently we get a “Date Night?” Let me tell you something you already know.  When you and the Mrs. work 40 hr jobs, are involved in lots of extra-curricular stuff, and have three kids (one of whom is hard to find a sitter for), Date Night doesn’t come cheap – or …

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Jacob Interview

jacob autism bigcalfguy asd awareness six thing

Wouldn’t it be interesting, we thought … to do an interview with an actual kid with autism?  Such a hot topic lately.  It just so happens we have one around the house. The original plan was for Beth to do an off-camera interview with Jake so people could get a sense for who he is. …

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Hey Dad, do you know what a French kiss is?

This story is going to be a little hard to put into words. It would be so much easier if you could have been there to experience it like I did …

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The Problem With Autism

I rarely get angry…

but when I do, I usually have a pretty good reason. Like many of you, I just saw the letter written by an anonymous mother, given to a grandmother who cares for her grandson with autism on summer days. For the full letter, please check out this link. In short, this woman berates the grandmother of this child with autism for his behavior, suggesting he be “euthanized” and his “non retarded body parts” be donated to science. She goes on to say that “no employer will hire him, no normal girl is going to marry/love him.” This young man, Max, is 13 years old. My son is 11. This mad woman’s rant touches on probably all the fears a parent of a kid with autism faces – unemployment, loneliness, their own mortality and what happens to my child when I’m gone, social alienation, being the target of hate or violence.

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