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The day after the Super Bowl.  

Everybody was up too late last night and apparently up too early this morning.  

Everybody’s tired.  Everybody’s cranky.  Everybody had a Monday.  

Here we sit on the sidelines at the Patten Rec Center, 30+ miles from home with zero chance of getting to bed early.  

It’s a quaint little village, I bet – we came into town under cover of darkness.  We sort of got to see two horse drawn Amish carriages. (Also black, also poorly lit by definition).  

The popcorn smells good, but I’m trying to stay true to my New Years Resolution to drop a few ellbees.  (I’m down 13…) Beth’s peanut M&Ms look even better than that.  

That being said, there’s almost anywhere else I’d rather be; particularly on the couch with a Blacklist.  Well, maybe it’s not THAT bad…

Gabe’s only in 5th grade, and Liv has just developed an affinity for sports that involve team travel and the dreaded “away game.”  I suspect this will go on for some time now.  

Jake’s of course furious that he’s not home in his pajamas playing Nintendo in the Swamp.  There’s no Wifi up here and he’s struggling.  

Guess I’d better put the phone down and live in the moment.  That was one of my other resolutions.  

As always, please help us raise some money for the ASM by sponsoring Jake’s Team!

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