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Something magics happens when you tune out the noise that is constantly around us.

A guy I know once told me that if you’re quiet long enough, you’ll begin to hear yourself; and if you can stand to be quiet even longer than that, you may begin to hear God. Now I’m not that deep, but having spent some time in a cabin in the woods with my family, with no television, traffic, school/work/meetings to get in the way, I’ve seen somethings that make me happy.

Liv is doing that pre-teen/teen thing where they try on a new personality every couple of days to see if it fits. During our extensive play lately, whether it be while swimming or fishing, or just snuggling in an Adirondack chair, she’s let down her guard.

It’s been in the form of a real, deep, joyous belly laugh, or a sly look between us, where we share some unspoken truth. That’s the stuff right there. The connection we leave society to find. Isn’t that the whole purpose of camping trips right there? I love those moments.

I’ve watched Gabe master little things. He can bait a hook with the best of them now. He’s ever-so-tentatively gotten the hang of smoothing his hand down a perch’s back when removing it from his hook, so he won’t get poked by the spiny dorsal fin. It’s that moment where he does something well, then looks up to see that I’m watching with a fatherly smile, and he returns it, the acknowledgment of his accomplishment not needing to be spoken. I love when he’s super proud of himself, and I love sharing that with him.

Jake had braved some scary things. Hello, port-a-potty, I’m talking to you. He’s gone out super far in the kayak, all by himself! He was out there screaming the first afternoon were here, and came back asking us excitedly if we heard the “sky voice.” It took a few minutes to understand he meant his echo! After we finished unloading the van, he got behind the wheel and parked it between two trees – with patient guidance from Dad in the passenger seat, and panicked shouts of “brake! brake! brake!” from Mom, watching outside.

His young body is becoming broader and thicker. His muscles are gaining definition, and he’s more graceful in his movements. He is swimming further and faster, and jumping higher than ever before. He so desperately wants to stay up all night, but the fresh air and 16 hours of play have left him snoring by 9:30.

This has been fun. Only four more “sleeps” until we come home!

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