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I don’t discuss politics on BigCalfGuy for a lot of reasons, but mostly because that’s not really what I’m about. 

I will continue that tradition by NOT discussing political parties, political affiliations, or specific results of any race.

What I DO want to talk about, however, is a recurrent theme I’m becoming more and more aware of:

It’s much easier to complain than it is to roll up your sleeves and try and be part of the solution. 


I saw a recent post on Facebook that rang true for me.  A gentleman was admonishing the community by saying that they would have a hard time criticizing the town’s elected officials if “they” (the public) kept electing the same people.  I have two thoughts for this guy:  Firstly, proper grammar and spelling in your posts lends you much more credibility than ranting and misspelling words.  Secondly, the same people keep getting elected because it’s the same people who run for office.  Thousands complain; five throw their hats in the ring and try to make a difference.   

The four or five most vocal and vitriolic members of my local area are also the same four or five people I’ve never seen at a public meeting.  I’ve never seen them offer encouragement to those who serve.  These people sit at home and base their rants on the misinformation and half-truths that swirl around coffee shops and back alleys. 

Remember what Mark Twain said?  “If you don’t read the paper, you’re uninformed.  If you do, you’re misinformed.”

They focus so much of their time and energy to breaking people and ideas down that I have to wonder what might be possible if only they could harness some of that rage and turn it into a driving force for the change they so passionately want. 

Right now at our church, they’ve had to suspend the Wednesday night Royal Ranger and MPact Girl programs due to a lack of volunteers.  Not surprisingly, the few tired souls who showed up to carry the lion’s share of the burden of running the program are the same few who show up to help run EVERYTHING.  They get burned out.  Everybody wants the program – nobody wants to put in the work. 

Everyone wants the benefit, nobody wants the sacrifice that takes. 

It bugs me. 

What kind of legacy are we leaving our kids?  What lessons are we unwittingly teaching them?  Gabe’s fortune cookie from dinner tonight read: little brooks make great rivers.  I’ve got three little brooks at home, and I want them to grow up with a sense of community involvement; in stewardship of their futures; and of personal responsibility.  They have the potential to be great rivers, but only if they’re well-guided and molded properly. 

Do you get what I’m saying? 

Do you know those people who seem to do EVERYTHING, but if you need something to get done, you ask them because you know they’ll do it?  I love those people.  Those people have passion.  It reminds me of the saying, “If it’s important, you’ll find a way – otherwise you’ll find an excuse.”  When watching Fury (Brad Pitt’s latest) with my nephew Drake, one character quoted the bible, Isaiah 6:8 – which reads, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?”  And I said, “Here am I.  Send me!”  What a wonderful attitude. 

If only more people felt that way.  Imagine what a world this could be.

So pick a cause.  Run for office.  Volunteer somewhere.  Perform random acts of kindness.  Mentor a child.  Be part of your local _____.  Give of yourself.  Be part of the solution – and quit ranting about the problem.  Anybody can do that. 

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    • Wanda on November 5, 2014 at 8:54 pm
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    Agree ! I have heard if you want something done ask a busy person. I like that if you r not working and want to increase food stamps you need to do community service.

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