I’d Like You To Meet Sacob and Wacob

Tell Your Friends

Not to mention Tacob, Facob, and Zacob.

Jake is the master of the Mii.  He loves creating them.  He’s used the same basic design for every gaming console we’ve had since the Wii.  The Wii, Wii U, and now the Nintendo Switch have all seen appearances by Jake’s alter ego. 

He announced that these copies were cousins, parents, and children of the original family.  He obviously lacks a bit in originality, but hey – he’s happy. 

He told Beth at dinner the other day that when he marries, he’s going to change his wife’s name to Sacob Joseph Whitehouse.  Sacob because crazy, and Joseph because it’s Gabe’s middle name. 


She told him that his wife would likely want to keep her own name, but Olivia chimed in with the information that you get to name your children whatever you want.  So, if he had a daughter, her could perhaps use Sacob Ann Whitehouse.  He seemed thrilled with this information. 

Gabe warned, however, that his wife would also want some input in the naming of “their” children, which has done little to deter him. 

Please join me in a prayer for the well-being of my future potential grandchildren.  Particularly in the school yard. 

Jake’s not the only one blessed with dopplegangers, either.  He’s gone out of his way to make them for everybody in the family.  Sorry the picture’s a little grainy, but also please meet: Myan, Tyan, Tabe, Siv, and the gang. 


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