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Our girls had a bridal shower to attend, so after watching Liv participate in her first Color Run, the boys and I packed a cooler, grabbed the dogs, and headed to the woods to find refuge from the blistering heat.  IMG_5685

The dogs were practically bouncing in the back of the van, so we stopped at the first quiet area we found to let them burn off a little bit of nervous energy.  Annie actually SWAM, which she’s been very reluctant to do since we got her a couple of years back.  She plodded into the river without any apparent hesitation.  Jake was even in a pretty good mood, considering our day was pretty open ended and we weren’t going to be home – two things he usually hates.  

IMG_5661IMG_5658From there we went to the Cribworks on the Penobscot River, hoping to get to see some rafters coming through.  Jake was quick to bail on this, though, because he was scared the dogs would fall into the river.  We had a quick picnic lunch and set off on our way. 


The obligatory picture of Mt. Katahdin at Abol Bridge



The Cribworks

We settled at Abol Beach for a while to swim, but the two pound horseflies got the best of the kids before too long. Gabe even found a monster sized dragonfly!

Look at the size of that dragonfly!

Look at the size of that dragonfly!


Jake and Dad selfie


Have you ever seen anyone have more fun at the beach?

Being of English/Irish descent, we couldn’t stay out all day, so we came home and the boys retreated to the air conditioned house while I read a book on the porch in the shade.  All in all a nice day.  

Pointless post, I realize, but we got some cool photos!

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