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I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve posted. Life moves so quickly, and I don’t always get the time I want to sit and reflect. That happen to you, too?

Well, here I sit on the bleachers getting ready to watch Gabriel play a basketball game. The second of what will seem like dozens come end of season. And this is just Rec ball. Middle School ball hasn’t even started yet! Then comes Liv in Middle School ball and Jake’s now-famous intentions of trying out for JV at the high school. I suspect I’ll have plenty of court side reflection time in the coming months.

We went basketball shoe shopping on Saturday after the ASM Fall Conference. In unrelated news, anybody have $5 I can borrow?

I was willing, against my professions judgment, to buy the “team sneaker” if there was going to be one. I was ready to forgo biomechanics for fitting in. Thankfully the team is smarter than that, so one less thing to worry about.

Well, he’s got shoes now (they all do), and Jake’s been hitting the James pretty heavy. He likes calling the gym the James. It’s more formal. We started because we hadn’t gone enough to be on a nickname basis, but now it’s stuck.

So just when I think like we’ve made another step closer to “normal”, I realize that Jake’s going to need help getting his shoes on and tied properly. He’s going to have to have an aide anyway, but man! The sophomore who needs help with shoe-tying? Bummer.

It doesn’t matter in the end. That will be taken care of in the locker room early.

You should see how excited he is! I can’t wait either.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be court side until January. Or February. Or March.

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