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It wasn’t very long ago that Olivia would shrink whenever anyone looked at her.  If her Pinewood Derby car won an award, and she would get called to the front to receive her prize, she’d cry.  If she did anything great, and she received applause, she’d cry.

She was super happy to blend into the background.

It was a fair number of years ago that she finally started to break this mold.  First it was in groups, then it began to spread.  She’s performed solos and monologues in school plays, and no longer seems terrified if she’s being looked at.  It was a performance of “I Am A Promise” that seemed to put the first cracks in her fear of attention.  Liv was on the younger side of her Rainbow class at church, and Gabe got to tag along.  In fact, the only way we could keep him on stage was to hand him a microphone.  In this video, Gabe’s on the far left and Olivia’s the fourth one in from the left.  Watch until the end – it’s a pretty big finish.   This was taken four years ago when Liv was 5, and Gabe was 3 and a half.

Gabe never had this stage fright.  He was thrilled to reap the accolades of his achievements from day one.  He’s a born performer.

Here is a video of Gabe’s Royal Ranger group performing their song for Achievement Night:  “Big Brave Bulls.”  This was last year, and Gabe’s the one in the middle.

Just last weekend, Olivia got to present her “special” song for Sunday’s church service, with her good friend Audrey.  Together they sang “I’m A Believer.”  Audrey’s a twin, so she just happened to have two matching red dresses the girls could wear.  Though just friends, they look like they could be sisters.  The scary part of this video for me is that I can ALMOST see Liv at 18.  She just looks so grown up, despite being only 9 years old.

Keep in mind that they’re not on stage with bright lights in their eyes to hide the reaction of the crowd.  They’re standing in front of a large congregation, singing their little hearts out; and they rocked it.  They even got a standing ovation.

I am very proud of them both.

red dresses

Audrey and Olivia


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