Sunday Shorts #1

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Not everything that’s BigCalfGuy worthy is also of post length.  I figured once per week I’d round up some things that went down and share them on Sundays.  I give you … Sunday Shorts #1. 


I always leave the kids with a task in the morning.  Make two people smile.  Give a sincere compliment.  Find someone who needs a joke and tell them one.  Kindness is a wonderful habit to foster.  My go-to, however, is Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, or DFTBA.  I had to follow Jake to school the other day because his burden was larger than usual and he wanted to ride his bike.  I Sherpa’d (is that a word) the stuff he couldn’t carry and met him at school in the car.  As he left the car with his stuff, I hollered to him, “Don’t forget to be awesome!”  Without any hesitation, he turned and shouted back, “I’m already being awesome!”  What self esteem.  

Missed Opportunity

It was picture day at school the other day.  Jake was so excited!  He wanted to wear “handsome clothes”, so we grabbed one of the Oxford shirts we’d bought him for just such an occasion.  I thought about having him wear a tie, but thought that might be going overboard.  We finally found our ironing board underneath the cellar stairs (because we’re THAT family), and he was all set.  We tried with a white shirt underneath and one or two undone buttons.  Too 1995.  In the end we went with open collar, no tie, and I wanted to take a pic to send to his mom, as she’d left early for work.  He looked around and grabbed my sunglasses to pose.  He looked so happy.  We then practiced the pose and smile he would give to the photographer.  Jake has low tone, which isn’t uncommon amongst autistic kids, and we have to practice posture.  Looking back on the trial pics I took, I realize what a missed opportunity it was to make him go to school without sunglasses.  His glasses picture is him at his most relaxed and confident.  I kind of hope the first ones come out poorly so we can hook him up for retakes.  

Jake, Marketing Manager

Jake is super proud of his YouTube channel, and has informed us that we’re to throw him a party when he hits 400 subscribers.  He was on my channel a couple of days ago and noticed that I have exactly 100 subscribers.  He was so excited and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t more thrilled.  I came home from work today to him proudly displaying the video he’d made for me and posted ON MY CHANNEL.  Here it is: 


Jake has been wanting a Nintendo Switch since they were first announced.  He’s saved every earned penny, gifted dollar, and the gift cards to Game Stop he’s picked up along the way.  We figured he had about enough money a few months back when they first came out, but alas, the stores didn’t have any in stock.  Well, we made a family trip to Bangor yesterday and took along his cash.  Not only did he have enough money (Dad only kicked in a few), the store had more than enough!  We picked one up with a couple of games and I set it up when we got home at 8:00.  Unfortunately, after spending three and a half hours outside at Gabe’s double header soccer games, his allergies were so bad he went straight to bed.  Beth says he’s so hopped up on antihistamines today that he’s barely been awake long enough to check it out.  Bummer.  I’m sure he’ll make up for lost time should fall weather ever arrive.  

That’s It

That’s all for now.  Thanks as always for your continued support.  

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    • Jan on October 1, 2017 at 7:34 pm
    • Reply

    1 – You’ve taught him well!
    2 – You know, for a kid w/low tone, many of his pictures he has a great expression going – kudos to Jake for shining!
    3 – So, Jake is getting good at the video thing – seems like he’s found a passion he can foster
    4 – I’ve been debating a game console, and a smaller TV I can drag around with me while I travel – or something hand held, I’m still on the fence about it. I’d only play stuff like Spiderman or Resident Evil…..

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