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Jake, like so many children with autism before him, absolutely loves trains!

A good portion of his time is spent watching them online or playing train simulator games on his iPad. They are an obsession.

His new favorite thing to do is to make and post videos to his YouTube channel. I may have mentioned this before 😉.

We’re in Topsham for the weekend for Ashley’s wedding. I did a little research and there’s an Amtrak station in Brunswick, not 5 miles from here! It’s the northern most terminal of the daily Downeaster run to Boston.

The only hitch in our plan is that the train leaves at 7:05 am.

Jake planned it all out – I was to get up and say, “It’s go time!” I asked him what he’d say back, and after some consideration, decided on, “I’m coming.”

At 6:00, we were off!

We got there in time to scope out the whole station, take photos of the crossing signs, the (soon-to-be) flashing lights, and pick our spot.

He was beside himself!!

Mumbling to himself, he semi-narrated the whole event. He had me cover his ears for him, since we didn’t have his headphones. We hardly use them anymore.

I really enjoyed the knowing smiles on peoples’ faces as they watched me cover his ears while he filmed everything with the iPad, all the while smiling so hard I thought he’d get a cramp!

He filmed the train arriving, and then the departure from a sweet spot on the road where he could see the train pass the flashing light barricades.

My day was officially a winner, and it wasn’t even 7:30!

Jake has uploaded his videos already, used one of our pictures as his new profile pic, and even changed the lock background on MY phone.


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