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We just got home from one of the most brilliant fundraisers I’ve ever been to.

Modern Woodmen of America helped Schenck High School host Taco Tuesday.  The hope is to raise $2,500, because if we do, Modern Woodsmen will match the funds.

The students of the school (Opal Myrick Elementary included), created art projects to line the corridor to the cafeteria.  There, we were treated to a taco dinner.  The brilliance is this:  students created magnets that were then for sale at the dinner … for $5.  What parent WASN’T going to buy their kid’s magnet?  No parents, that’s who.  Evil genius.

There were lots of opportunities to help empty your wallet:

You make a donation at the door for your taco dinner.  Check.

You make the obligatory purchase of your kids’ magnets.  Check.

You buy an assortment of tickets for the bag auction (where you drop your tickets into specific drawings).  Check.

There are a few “big ticket” items for raffle which you can buy a chance to win (including a rather lovely picture of some daffodils by yours truly).  Check.

There is another table of fancy items up for silent auction bid.  Check.

Wow!  It’s a good thing I left my credit cards at home.

Anyway, things went according to our usual plan.  We know our roles.  Olivia helped man the table where they sold the rubber band bracelets she and her friends have been working on for the past week.  Gabe ran amok hither and yon like all the other 8 year old boys. I wandered and carefully selected items to bid for that I thought would be cool and chatted up my teacher friends, oblivious to where my children were at any given time.  Beth kept a safe distance from which to spy on Jake.  Jake sought the relative quiet of the lobby, where he took over for the Modern Woodmen representatives who were having newcomers sign up for their various services.  Modern Woodmen, by the way, is a fantastic organization.

Jake sat at the desk telling people who entered, “Welcome to Gabe and Liv’s school.  Sign the papers, then go to the cafeteria.”  One lady was taking her time with her paperwork, and having a conversation with the MW rep, so Jake prompted her to hurry up.  “Fill out the papers!”  She complied.  Lesser parents would have been embarrassed, but we’re pretty well known and nobody takes Jake seriously.

Jake had made his way back to the cafeteria when the unexpected happened.  Two school mascots came strolling in – the Schenck Wolverine, and Bananas, the University of Maine black bear.  Jake’s eyes widened, and he ran for the exit.  “That bear is HORRIBLE!” he exclaimed when I found him in the lobby.  Needless to say, it was a while before we got him back into the busy room.

At the end of the evening, approximately 6:10, they began announcing the winners.  Before we go further with the story, let me fill you in on a little back story.  It’s a fundraiser, right?  The point of a fundraiser is to raise funds, right?  You give until it stings a little, right?  Last year, I spent an amount on tickets that I won’t share, because it was a little ridiculous.  The curse of the bag lottery started then.  I had bags stuffed with my tickets all over that place, and only won two things – both things for girls.  Beth won a necklace, and Liv got a pink/camo backpack.  Long story short, I overpaid.

This year, I scaled back a bit.  No sense in overdoing it.  I put tickets in for a Schenck hoodie.  I put tickets in for a Patriots hat.  I put tickets in for a Twin Pines t-shirt, a men’s basket, even some Duck Dynasty stuff.  The kids each got their share of chances, and distributed them accordingly.  At the end of the day, we won …. girl stuff again.  Sheesh!

We won:

1. a girl’s basket filled with smelly girl stuff for the bathroom

2. a lovely photograph of a single rose blossom on a field of dark green leaves

3. a cupcake/brownie maker thing that looks like a Foreman grill

4. an Opal Myrick t-shirt and cookbook (I wanted the t-shirt, but failed to notice it only came in Beth’s size)

5. a basket full of a candle, two framed pictures of flowers, and dishcloths.

In retrospect, we made out like bandits.  We’ll find out in a day or so if they made enough money to match the MW gift, but until then, we’ll be basking in the glow of all our new girl stuff.  I wonder how I’ll like Total Repair restoring shampoo?


Our booty, plus the “house magnets” the kids made in the center.









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