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Confessions Of An Autism Dad: I’m Making This Stuff Up As I Go Along

The other day I gave Gabe some advice I’m conflicted about. Beth and I took different cars to church, as we were headed in different directions when it was over. Jake rode with Beth and Liv; Gabe came with me. Before we could pull out of the driveway fully (we had already begun), Jake jumped …

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A Thousand Words

They say a picture says a thousand words. Maybe that’s true. There are certainly a few stories behind mine. Here’s the skinny on a few of my favorites.

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The Problem With Autism

I rarely get angry…

but when I do, I usually have a pretty good reason. Like many of you, I just saw the letter written by an anonymous mother, given to a grandmother who cares for her grandson with autism on summer days. For the full letter, please check out this link. In short, this woman berates the grandmother of this child with autism for his behavior, suggesting he be “euthanized” and his “non retarded body parts” be donated to science. She goes on to say that “no employer will hire him, no normal girl is going to marry/love him.” This young man, Max, is 13 years old. My son is 11. This mad woman’s rant touches on probably all the fears a parent of a kid with autism faces – unemployment, loneliness, their own mortality and what happens to my child when I’m gone, social alienation, being the target of hate or violence.

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Parenting Advice

  Wow.  Pretty smug, huh?  I find myself at home, after a long and interesting weekend, with a head full of thoughts.  Who am I to offer parenting advice?  Nobody, really.  I just had some thoughts about the way I’ve chosen to raise my own kids and thought maybe I’d write them down.  Follow them? …

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