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Jan 18 2017

The times are changing

Way back when Jake was first diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, my biggest fear was that he’d be ostracized by his peers and feel alone. We worked very hard to make sure that didn’t happen.  Beth, in particular as stay at home Mom, worked diligently to make sure the kids in Jake’s class knew what …

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Sep 19 2014

Front Hugs

Part of the magic in having children and pets is the fact that they love you so much. That unconditional love is truly magical, and in its reciprocation, all things are made well. When I got home from Portland on Sunday night, Jake was the first to meet me at the door. He ran out …

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Sep 05 2014

The Routine – Adventures in Autism

I had the unenviable, though highly enjoyable, task of getting the kids off to school all by myself this week.  Beth’s starting a new job, and needed to be out of town for training.  She had to leave by 6 every morning, so the house was up and moving a little earlier than usual anyway. …

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Aug 22 2014

Jake and Beth

Jake and Beth  I always tell Beth how unique her relationship is with Jake.  She, of course, asked me to write about it to offer her some insight, and maybe shed a little light on it for the world. I’ve stewed on this for weeks. I’m not sure how to accurately describe the bond between …

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Jul 16 2014

I’m A Little Nervous About Jake’s Upcoming Dentist Appointment

Jake’s never much liked going to the dentist. Not many kids do, but Jake especially doesn’t.  I suppose you could list the reasons: He’s got some oral defensiveness He doesn’t like other people all up in his space It smells weird You can’t help but hear/feel it when someone’s using that vibrate-y toothbrush thing or …

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Jul 13 2014

A Bigger Issue Than I Thought

Jake and I took a trip to Bangor on Saturday; just the two of us.  He had a dentist appointment.  More on that in the next post.  We went out to lunch afterwards, and grabbed some things at WalMart on the way home.  Simple trip.  Jake loves to drive the cart, but it was crowded …

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Jul 04 2014

Conversations with Jake (7/4/14)

You’ve got to love this kid.  The words and phrases he comes up with to communicate with his world truly amaze me.  It goes back to why I call him “verbalish.”  Sometimes he’s spot on, sometimes it’s like his offerings from the foreign land of “Autism” seem lost in translation.  His combination echolalia and original …

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Jun 30 2014

Autism and Obesity

Or – Why kids should keep recess. Or – Why exercise helps kids learn. Or – Put down your device and get moving. My kids are active and strong. They would rather climb mountains than sit and play video games all day. They are all of normal body weight. I am, after all, a physical …

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Jun 28 2014

How Do You Tell Someone Their Kid May Have Autism?

We get asked this question all the time. We’re fairly vocal advocates for autism awareness and education in our community, and people stop us in the grocery store or on the street and ask this more regularly than you’d believe. It’s usually a concerned sister, aunt, or friend who is noticing “unusual” behavior in their …

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Jun 26 2014

Jake Goes To The Circus

For several years now, the rule at our house is that Jake doesn’t have to go to the circus. They’re smelly and loud and chaotic – things Jake hates. We took him for a while because kids are supposed to like the circus, and we wanted this for him. We were young. Forgive us. When …

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Jun 25 2014

The time Beth almost killed Jake

It was a 30 second exchange, but it made me smile when I heard about it, and I wanted to share. Beth said to Jake, “pick your coat up off the floor.” Jake replies, exasperated, “Oh, for Christ’s sake!” Beth looks at him in complete astonishment and remembers the middle part of Bare Naked Ladies’ …

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Jun 24 2014

The Birthday Party

To offset the awkwardness of only having a kid or two show up at Jake’s birthday party, and partly because they occur so close together, we’ve been having a triple birthday party in June for the last 6 years or so. It started when I turned 30. Liv was 5, and Jake was 7. Once …

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