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Ten Things My Son’s Autism Has Taught Me {Guest Post by Beth}

ten things autism has taught me

Ten Things My Son’s Autism Has Taught Me I’m not a blogger. My enjoyment from writing is very different from that of my husband’s. I can communicate fairly effectively, but I don’t desire to write. I do believe in the power of sharing our story, raising awareness, and promoting acceptance, so I write from time …

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Jake Goes To The Circus

jake circus bigcalfguy cirque du soleil newpost

For several years now, the rule at our house is that Jake doesn’t have to go to the circus. They’re smelly and loud and chaotic – things Jake hates. We took him for a while because kids are supposed to like the circus, and we wanted this for him. We were young. Forgive us. When …

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The Birthday Party

jake party birthday autism asd triple family bigcalfguy

To offset the awkwardness of only having a kid or two show up at Jake’s birthday party, and partly because they occur so close together, we’ve been having a triple birthday party in June for the last 6 years or so. It started when I turned 30. Liv was 5, and Jake was 7. Once …

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An Autism Boy

I hate labels. Worse, I hate labels on children. I had two huge fears when Jacob was being labeled with autism. First, that he would be ostracized, and made to feel alone and less than everyone else. Second, that people would set the bar so low that he’d never be expected to accomplish anything; or …

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Bachelor Merit Update

Jake’s been working hard on his Royal Ranger merit.  His first dish-scraping, dishwasher-loading experience was fairly distressing, but we’ve overcome.  I got him some rubber gloves, and he needed fewer verbal cues (can you tell I’m a PT?) to get the job done. Somehow, I think I’ll always be stuck in that phase of life …

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Are You Aware Of Autism?

I’ve been thinking about Awareness a lot lately. Everything is done under the guise of “awareness.” Buy puzzle piece ribbons and clothes and magnets to become more “aware” of autism. Buy pink for breast cancer awareness. Buy purple for domestic abuse awareness. Buy red for AIDS awareness. At this point, who isn’t “aware” of autism? …

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We Want Our Son With Autism Back

We want our son with autism back! This is what Beth would have you believe. Jake isn’t the boy he once was. He’s becoming a teenager. OK, OK, he’s only 11 and a half, but it’s beginning. When Beth taught 6th grade, she would tell me that for the first half of the school year, …

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Autism Perks

Hey, We’ve been together too long for me to blow smoke up your skirt and tell you that everything about autism is sunshine and rainbows.  It’s not. Look around in the media; not a lot of up-side. What I’m thinking is that you, faithful reader, may not fully appreciate the hidden up-side of the disorder. …

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Jake’s Headphones

Santa’s hat. Captain America’s shield. George Burns’ cigar. Jake’s headphones. Some things just become a part of someone over the years. It’s hard to imagine that person without their signature item. For Jake, it’s a pair of Winchester shooting headphones. With autism, the amount of sensory information offered the body is often overwhelming. By this …

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The Internet Thinks I Have Autism

Have you heard the one about the comedian who used the internet to diagnose his elbow pain? It hurt on the outside of his elbow when he gripped. He did an exhaustive internet search, and discovered that it was one of two things: 1. tennis elbow; 2. cancer. Since he wasn’t much of an athlete, …

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BigCalfGuy Book Club Update – Only Two Weeks Left!

Hey there, There’s only two weeks left before we discuss Carly’s Voice! I’m not finished it yet myself, but let me tell you, it’s amazing!  It’s the story of Carly Fleischmann, a little girl with severe autism and profound behaviors. It’s not too late to pick up a copy of Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism …

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Halloween, An Autism Progress Report

Halloween is one of our Autism Progress Reports. Not unlike the circus, it’s an annual opportunity to see how far Jake has come in the previous year.  Unlike the circus, he keeps showing improvement with Halloween. Several years ago, he would get very anxious and wait on the sidewalk, or crouched behind his mother when …

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