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Oct 18 2017

Bomb Appetit!

As you may have heard, Jake hit 400 subscribers on his YouTube channel the other day.  Needless to say, he was thrilled!  Thank you for all of you who helped.   For those few readers I have that aren’t friends on the book of faces, here’s the video we made where I tried to dissuade …

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Oct 11 2017

How Many Ks are Too Many? I Think 2 are Plenty

You know what’s fun and civic-minded?  Coming out to an event that raises money for a local cause.  You know what’s sweaty and hard and makes me tired?  Running five whole kilometers.  You know how long a marathon is?  Like 42 kilometers!  That’s a lot of Ks.  These things can get out of hand if you’re not …

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Oct 11 2017

I’d Like You To Meet Sacob and Wacob

Not to mention Tacob, Facob, and Zacob. Jake is the master of the Mii.  He loves creating them.  He’s used the same basic design for every gaming console we’ve had since the Wii.  The Wii, Wii U, and now the Nintendo Switch have all seen appearances by Jake’s alter ego.  He announced that these copies were …

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Oct 08 2017

Sunday Shorts #3

Fit As A Fiddle Jake saw the doctor this week for a sports physical.  Status: healthy as a fifteen year old horse!  He’s ready.  He handled everything really well, with few exceptions.  He’s never been able to work an eye chart.  I forgot about this until I saw the medical assistant try and get him …

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Oct 01 2017

Sunday Shorts #2

It’s been a wild week around here, but at the same time not much has happened.  It’s been one soccer game after another, and a typical Maine swing in weather.  Ninety on Wednesday, and I had to scrape my windshield before heading to work this morning.  Which do you prefer in October? #StuffJakeSays Gabe is …

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Sep 24 2017

Sunday Shorts #1

Not everything that’s BigCalfGuy worthy is also of post length.  I figured once per week I’d round up some things that went down and share them on Sundays.  I give you … Sunday Shorts #1.  DFTBA I always leave the kids with a task in the morning.  Make two people smile.  Give a sincere compliment. …

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Sep 20 2017

Is BigCalfGuy Who I Am?

I mean, yeah, the calves are huge.  I’m obviously that big calf guy.  By Crom, let’s pray they never shrink.     What I mean is, is BigCalfGuy a good name for this blog?  I can’t for the life of me find the source of the quote, so I may as well take the credit: The most …

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Sep 17 2017

Should Jake Play Basketball?

I’m really struggling with this one, and since I have a place to put my thoughts down, let’s go.  The gap is closing between what Jake can do and what his peers can do.  Simultaneously, it’s getting bigger by the minute.   Jake wants to play basketball.  We had started some talk about him joining …

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Sep 08 2017

The Code

Do you have a code?  One that you live by?  The Boy Scouts do.  The US Military does.  The Vikings did; the Samurai did; even our church does.  It’s what they stand for.  It’s a kind of ancient mission statement with values.  I did quite a bit of reading this summer, and one of the …

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Nov 05 2014

Roll Up Your Sleeves

I don’t discuss politics on BigCalfGuy for a lot of reasons, but mostly because that’s not really what I’m about.  I will continue that tradition by NOT discussing political parties, political affiliations, or specific results of any race. What I DO want to talk about, however, is a recurrent theme I’m becoming more and more …

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Oct 21 2014

Born To Percuss

Tonight I decided to join Beth’s drama troupe and help out with her upcoming play.  I wasn’t going to because, let’s face it, there are only so many hours in a day.  However, Beth really wanted me to, and the kids wanted me to, and I’m a sucker.  So we tromped over to the church …

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Oct 19 2014

Jake Jake Baby?!

Jake’s two current favorite songs are Billy Joel’s It’s Only Rock and Roll and Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.  Will Smith’s Miami is right up there, maybe even pulling in a second place finish, depending on the day.  Here’s a covertly taken video of Jake trying to sing along with Vanilla Ice in the van …

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