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What’s Your Favorite Failure?

What a weird question, right? We don’t often think of failures in positive terms like “favorite”. Yet successful people, or at least those with open mindsets, are quick to refer to failure as a chance to learn something. I was listening to a Tim Ferris hosted podcast based on his new book (which I asked …

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The Good and The Bad: An Attempt at Thank You

When I posted my first post in July of 2013, the first of the 415 I’ve published since, I had no idea what I was doing.  Actually, most days I wonder if I’ve learned anything in the last four years. I’ve had an on and off relationship with this site.  Every time it starts to …

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Annie: Sept 2012-Nov 2017

Things took a major turn for the worse with Annie overnight. I got a call this morning from Dr. Nesin at the Chester Animal Hospital.  Annie wasn’t getting better.  In fact, she was declining, and doing so rapidly.  Her liver was still in failure, and now her kidneys were, too.  Her white blood cell count …

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Annie’s Saga Continues

Annie Golden Retriever and Gabe at Vet Office

We got home this morning around 6 a.m. Firstly, thank you to those who have reached out with support.  Here’s what we’ve been up to since my last post. Gabe and I went to visit Annie last night and see if she’d take some food for us.  We were hoping she’d be better enough to …

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Man! If It’s Not One Thing, It’s A Sick Dog

golden retriever Annie

Things were going pretty smoothly for Thanksgiving week.  I should have known the other shoe was going to drop.  It always does, right? The company was great.  The turkey was perfect.  The Christmas shopping was going along swimmingly (online, of course).  The only hitch?  Annie wasn’t feeling well. It’d been 4-5 days since she’d really …

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Introducing MrsWhitehouse.com!

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous before heading to Medway Middle School this morning.  I’ve never taught before.  Sure, I’ve given lectures to student groups and adult classes, and even family support groups, but never have I had to give the same lesson to four back-to-back classes. It was a lot …

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A Dog Died During Liv’s and My Special Night

I couldn’t believe it.  The dog died.  I mean, I should have realized it was going to, I just didn’t see it coming until it was too late.  It was on-the-nose funny.  We were the only ones in the theater laughing.  This was a better reaction than I got the other day.  Remember this post? …

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Anybody Else Read The Books I’ve Read Lately?

I got into a kind of learn/personal development kick this summer, with a sprinkling of fiction in there to keep me sane. Problem is, I don’t know anyone else who’s read these books, so I have nobody to talk to. Here’s my list: NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Silberman …

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We Got The Basketball Schedule, And Now We’re Freaking Out

Jake continues to work hard towards his goal of being the game-saving, three pointer-shooting, super star of high school basketball. He’s working harder than ever on his game, he’s giving it everything he has nearly ever night in the gym, and he’s keeping his new basketball sneakers in his even newer duffel bag.  He’s ready. …

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I Taught Olivia The Number 1 Movie Rule, And She Hasn’t Forgiven Me

Olivia is thirteen, and wants to watch “older” movies.  She wants to be scared.  She wants to be nervous.  She wants to experience a wider emotional range than most little kid movies allow. The problem is, most of the “older” movies have such intense language that I won’t allow it.  It’s less the subject matter, …

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Putting In The Work With Captain Jamerica

Jake is next level excited about basketball tryouts.  He’s proud that he was the first kid to pass in his signed Extra and Co-Curricular Activities policy.  He’s been working on his skills in the driveway with his siblings.  He’s got his brand spanking new basketball sneakers safely in their box at the house.  And, he’s …

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Oops! Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

I wanted to share this tale, but it’s sensitive, so I have to be careful. I don’t want to embarrass or shame anyone. With any and every volatile interaction, there’s a chance to allow emotion to overrun and blur reflection. I like to take time to decompress and see if there’s anything I can learn. …

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