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I Really Don’t Know Why We Bother Leaving The House

Maybe we’re getting too old.  Maybe the kids are. I can’t find anything they want, and I certainly can’t find anything I want to get for them. I HATE Christmas shopping in stores I’m a good shopper.  I am better prepared to find my way around the Bangor Walmart in the dark than I am …

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Shared Experiences

This Christmas season, I am reflecting on how different each of our holidays and traditions are from those of our neighbors. My sister and her son celebrated early, before my brother-in-law shipped out for his overseas job.  Some exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, and some don’t even have a tree. Some households will be filled …

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Red Returns

The exciting conclusion to Childlike Faith They say truth is stranger than fiction. I suppose that’s true, and I further suppose it’s why I’m not a fiction writer. I have a hard enough time chronicling the real-life events of my household. I am becoming increasingly aware that my reality as a Dad, a grown up, …

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Christmas Spirit Confirmed

First off, let’s begin with a disclaimer:  I was in fact Raised By Women, so I didn’t know the difference between a Minnesota Viking and a St. Louis Ram. I posted a story yesterday entitled Childlike Faith. Long story short is that my dog chewed a toy that Gabriel got at McDonald’s, which Gabriel in …

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Childlike Faith

Is there anything more magical and worth fighting for than the faith of a child? I don’t think so either, but plans A through C haven’t worked yet.  I’m getting desperate. In our house, Santa Claus reigns supreme.  Our kids realize and respect that Jesus Christ is the true reason for the season, but nobody …

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Surviving The Holidays, An Autism Family Guide: 12 Tips

I realize I can’t speak for all kids/adults on the spectrum, but I’ve got a pretty good understanding of my own son, and hope to share with you some of the realities of surviving the holidays with a kid on the spectrum. I’ve also been doing some reflecting, and feel like it’s always “autism sucks …

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Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

I’m not usually the first guy in line for charity, but I have to make an exception in this case. I need to borrow $2,000; or more specifically, $1,962 and a kitten. That’s the sum total of Liv’s Christmas list. I can only hope that the government shut-down affects Santa Claus.  I think I’ll tell …

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