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Awww, shucks.

An unprompted observation by Olivia: Hey, Dad. You’re better than the other dads because at the Father/Daughter dances, you actually dance with me instead of leaning against the wall, drinking coffee with the other dads. And you still look pretty good. They all look old. I can’t think of higher praise.

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Hopelessly Unfashionable

I guess that’s what you’d call me. I never have been one to really care about my clothing choices – if it’s comfortable, I wear it. I’ve always had a bit of the old Sensory Processing Disorder.  I don’t like the feel of seams on my body, so the striped rugby shirts my mother used …

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Today Was A Bad Day

Full disclosure: yesterday was a bad day.  I started this last night, but didn’t want to finish it until I had some more time to reflect. My favorite part of authoring BigCalfGuy is sharing in Jake’s successes and triumphs. That being said, I would be doing a disservice by not sharing in our failures and …

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Modern Dad

Subtitle:  Betsy Freakin’ Ross! I love being the modern Dad.  I use Dad in capital letters because it’s a title, a name, a calling.  It’s the job I can’t quit, because I can’t afford to fail.  I love it. I think it’s super important to be an active part of my kids’ lives, and that …

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A Letter To Weary Dads

Dear Weary Dads, I know where you are. I know where you’ve been. I know how you feel. I’m a weary Dad too. I’ve got more responsibility than time. I often feel like I’ve got a dozen plates spinning, and I can’t afford to let one drop. My plates are my kids, my wife, my …

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The Night I Became A Dad

“Becoming a father is easy enough, but being one can be very rough” – Wilhelm Busch It all started with a pair of double lines on a pregnancy test. I was pacing in the kitchen of our Biddeford apartment, and Beth was sitting vigil with the test as it fermented? Aged? Culminated? She came out …

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Monday Night Lessons

I was talking this morning with a patient (my favorite part of the job), and she was telling me about her childhood. She came from a big family, and by the time she was born, her older sisters were having children of their own. There was never a dull moment around that house! She told …

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Thursday Recap

I had the best day today. It was one of those days where a marriage is a partnership in a bigger corporation – a divide and conquer sort of thing.  We met at the Scootic In for a birthday lunch.  It’s Jan’s (my PTA student) 40th birthday, and I got to treat her out. After …

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We had this 20 year old tube TV go on the fritz.  It needed to be thrown away, but that’s boring.  I figured it would be way more fun to smash it.  Problem is, the timing was never right, and it sat in the corner of my mudroom until today.  I swung by our local …

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A Thousand Words

They say a picture says a thousand words. Maybe that’s true. There are certainly a few stories behind mine. Here’s the skinny on a few of my favorites.

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Raised Improperly … by Women!

University of New England, Physical Therapy Class of 2001

Some lucky fellas out there get to claim that they were raised by wolves; well not this guy. I was raised by women, most of them nurses.

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Top Ten Reasons I Just Realized I’m Old

Now, I work with the elderly on a daily basis, and I realize that an age is really just a number.  I’ve met 90 year-olds who are quite young, and 40 year-olds who are rather old.  How old am I, you ask?  I’m 35 years old.  Twice as old as I was when I graduated …

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