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Steak, Stir fry, Soups, and Pie

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Olivia approached me the other day and said, “Dad, will you teach me how to cook more stuff?” We’d done some simple work with scrambled eggs and things in the past.  I really enjoy teaching my kids how to cook.  It’s a great life skill, and isn’t my job as a parent to teach my …

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Gulf Hagas

gulf hagas, maine, hiking, autumn, foliage

I had a rare half-day off today, and decided to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather we’ve been having.  Looks like fall, feels like late July.  We loaded up the van (an understatement), and headed over to the Katahdin Iron Works – specifically, Gulf Hagas. What an ordeal!  I don’t even remember what it …

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Jake’s Pumpkin (with video)

pumpkin patch orchard picking

The other day, the family all loaded into the Dodge Grocery-getter and headed on down to the North Chester Apple Orchard And Place To Buy Pumpkins. It’s an annual tradition.  We told the kids that they could paint their pumpkins for now, because it’s not yet cold enough to support carved ones outside.  They’d be …

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Finally, Five Extra Minutes

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I either need a bigger backpack, a smaller camera, or to hit the snooze button one less time.

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