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My Brother, My Friend {guest post by Olivia}

Hi! My name is Olivia Whitehouse, Big Calf Guy’s daughter.  I usually don’t write on the internet but I thought, “why not?” To be honest, I am overprotective when it comes to my brother Jake.  I heard what was going on about the talk of how Jake has really no friends.  If I thought Jake …

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Back To School Photo Makes Autism Invisible {guest post by Beth}

I’m pretty sure that you have heard my husband refer to autism being an “invisible disability.” This is certainly true. If you look at pictures of multiple children, with only one child having autism, it is almost impossible to pick out the child with autism unless you personally know it to be true. In the …

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A look back at an interview with Liv about Jake that I filmed two years ago, and one that I filmed Sunday night.

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Six Things To Consider When Creating A Sensory-Friendly Classroom

In our last discussion, we started talking about how sensory processing and dysfunction can ruin a kid’s day, and inhibit their ability to be successful in school (and life). There are lots of different ways to set up your classroom that will improve your students’ ability to feel safe, which will also increase their participation …

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Autism Parents And Schools – On The Same Team

This may well have been titled – “Partnering With Schools.” Now that school’s back in session, many Autism Parents (the term I’ll use) are again turning their thoughts towards those semi-annual nightmares – IEPs. IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan.  This is the special doctrine or mandate that outlines in writing the expectations that parents, …

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